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Somaliland: “No Legitimate Government After 6th April” Says Kulmiye

Tuesday, Mar 3l, 2009

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Hargeisa (somalilandpress) - In a press conference today, the main opposition party, KULMIYE said they will not recognize any government after the 6th of April when the term extension of the government comes to an end.

The press conference which was held at the party’s head quarters in Hargeisa was attended by the Somaliland media. All the party officials were present during the press conference.

KULMIYE mentioned the following points in their press conference:

•    The Guurti’s decision was unconstitutional and they don’t have the mandate to set the date of the elections.
•    There are no emergency situation in the country which makes the elections postponed.
•    The former Parliament decision which called for a consultation among all the parties if the elections are to be postponed was not respected.
•    The official term of the government ended on 15th of May 2008 and it has been extended for one more year in order the elections to take place which the government has failed to do so.

The spokesman for the party then announced that after series of meetings and consultations with the party’s members, KULMIYE Party reached the following seven-point consensus:

•    The party will not recognize any government after the end of the current governments term on the 6th of April 2009.
•    The party is ready to participate in fair and free elections.
•    The party calls the media outlets which are controlled by the government to be neutral between all the parties for the campaign.
•    National resources should not be used by the government and it should be free from any party during the elections.
•    Security forces should not be used against the people and other parties. There should be neutral among all the parties.
•    The judicial system of the country should also be neutral.
•    The party welcomes any consultation among the parties and welcomes any government based on consultations.

Source: SomalilandPress, Mar 31, 2009

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