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Arab News

Opinion - Fikrado

Letter to Avv. Hosh - Sheikh Hassan Jaamici
Somalia: New Leadership in Demand - Ahmed A. Abdullahi (Kamil)
Talk of war at Somali teashop, minus the guns - Yusuf Mohamud
AXKAAMTA SOONKA (Qaybta 3aad) - Idris Axmed Cusmaan
Live Embers of Talent - Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Hands off the weak and the powerless - Guled Ismail
The Asmara Project: An Abysmal Failure - Abdi Hosh
Who is fighting the so-called “Ethiopian occupation” of Somalia? - A/ziz Moh'd
AXKAAMTA SOONKA (Qayb 2aad) - Idris Axmed Cusmaan
American Policy in the Horn of Africa: Fairness not Fatwas - Guled Ismail
The Asmara conference and the pitfalls ahead - Ahmed Raghe Hassan
Boycotting the Mixed Islamist-Secularist Conference(Asmara)- A/shakur Jowhar
Vulgarism plagues Somali journalism! - Ahmed Raghe Hassan
A confusing mix of conflict in Somalia. - Darren Taylor
The Asmara Meeting on Somalia: Merely to perpetuate .... - Abdalla A. Hirad
The Destructive Scramble for Crude Oil in Somalia - Ali H. Abdulla
Learn this new concept from Jesse Jackson “Equanomics” - Hashim Duale
Somalia Needs Own Army - Capt. Paddy Ankunda
International Trusteeship for Somalia - Hussein Egeh
Ummad Uu Wadkeedii Galoo Waalo Tumanaysa - Maxamed Cibaar
Dib Miyaa Loo Noqonayaa a - Mohamed Mukhtar
The Asmara Gathering; An epilog to the intricate crises in .. - Abdi Dirshe
Rewarding Piracy - Arab News (Editorial)
Etiquette Issues Surrounding Islamic Conferences in MN - M. A. (Sandhere)
The Asmara Gathering; An epilog to the intricate crises in .. - Abdi Dirshe
Rewarding Piracy - Arab News (Editorial)
Canada must demand justice for journalists - Farid Omar
Somalia a failed state - Abdulcadir S. Hussein
Somalia: Attaining Peace in Country - Daily Trust (Editorial)
Would You Be My Father? - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Genocide, war crimes.: who committed what and against who? - Muse Yusuf
SSIA: An Academic Convention or a Gathering of 'Wreckers. - Khalif Samakaab
Last Hope for Somalia and the Wahabi Threat - Sarmaan Ramses
No Chance for Kulmiye But Reforms - Abdifatah Ismail
Silencing The Voice of Freedom - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
The Brutality That Perpetuates Violence and Crippled Mogadishu’s Economic Lifeline Must Stop - Somali Diaspora Network
In Africa, a poisonous standoff - Boston Globe Editorial
A trip like no other: Performing Umra at a crucial age - M. Sheikh A. Dalmar
Ethiopia's dirty war - Tom Porteous
A case of extraordinary amnesia - Rosa Davis
Security Situation in Somalia - Jama M. Ghalib
Between The Bomb and my Pen - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
The UN & EU Should Halt Financing This Sham Clan R. C in Somalia - SCDA
Will Somalia peace hold after national summit? - Abdulkadir Khalif
U.S.-Ethiopia: A Double-Edged Partnership - Stephanie Hanson
The Trial of Mr. Nuradin Abdi - Abucar Yusuf Hassan
Armed rebellion in Kismayo - Abdisahal Jama "Urufeey"
Corruption in Puntland and Adde Muse’s ..... - Abdiweli M. Ali, Ph.D.
Bias at Hiiraan Online - Abucar Yusuf Hassan
When Opinion Polls are Manipulated - Abdirahman Eynte
Maxkamadaha iyo Mucaaradka Mustaqbalka - Maxamed Xuseen Cadow
The R.C: A Culture of Forgiveness & Saying NO to ... - Ahmed M. Warsame
Testing Times for Somalia - Abdullahi Dool
A new beginning! - Mohamed Jibrell
Murdering Children To Please Allah - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
I Say “Rahanweyn are always most welcome in Somaliland” - Kassim Wais
Obituary of the brutal hunting of Rahanweyn refugees in Hargeisa.. - Aden Tani
The National Reconciliation Congress: A New Dawn for Somalia - O. Alihashi
The Ethiopian occupation, the reconciliation pipedream.. - A. A/rahman
Ali Mahdi for Nobel Peace Prize! - Sarmaan Ramses
Comments on today's BBC news - Jama Mohamed Ghalib
Remembering Somalia's Peace Activist Abdulkadir Yahya - Ali Yahye
The UN is Only Watching Not Intervening - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Zenawi and his Occupation : History Will Prove Him Wrong - Mahdi Farah
Remembering the Class of 1977 - Ahmed E. Gure
The myth of U.S. 'humanitarian' intervention in Africa - Chris Banks
The Trouble with This Homogenous Society - Mohamed M. Bakayr
Failure of TFG increases support for Islamic Courts - M. A. Shaikh
The July 1st that Somalis can't Celebrate - Jibril Ali Ibrahim
Wounded Nation - Shamos Bashir Ali
How to tackle unemployment in Somalia - Mahamud M. Yahye
Africa Can't Run Away From Somalia - Patrick Mutahi
The Bald Eagle is a save bird now: What is that mean for...? - Dahir Warsme
Remembering 26th June and 1st July - Ali H. Abdulla
Somalia Desperately Needs a Genuine Political Reconciliation - SDN
The Questionable Moral Arbiters - Mohamed Jibrell
Stop The War Before It Is Too Late - Abdi-Noor Mohamed
A call to stop installation of an illegal administration - Southern S. Union
Chaos Come Again: Crackdown and .... - Chris Floyd
Who robbed my childhood? - Mohamed Mukhtar
A part of America - Abdullahi Ahmed Sufi
Ex-president's death unites Somalis briefly - Abdulkadir Khalif
The Naked Hypocrisy of TFG Bashers - Gamal M. Hassan
Ethiopia a savior of the TFG: A sheer intellectual ... - A/rizak Omar 
Vote For You Dear Waddani - Abdi-Noor H. Mohamed 
A Tribute to President Aden Abdulle Osman - Abdiweli M. Ali, Ph.D
Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia - Cauises & Consequences - J. M Qalib
The spoilers who threaten Somalia's peace hopes - Simon Tisdall
Demystifying Somaliis TFG and the Expected National.... - Daud Ed
Somali Contact Group and its first anniversary - Mohamed Mukhtar 
Welcoming the era of Somali-Ethiopian companionship - A Goth 
Is Somalia a Terrorist Safe Haven? - Abdi-Noor Mohamed 
Identity: I am Somali - Hussien Yusuf 
Time foreign forces quit Somalia - Prof Jagdish P. Sharma
Why Canada Should Stay Away from the Somalia Quagmire.. - M Suleiman
Call to Genocide: Utterance of a mad man! - Said A. Salah
Somaliia's next reconciliation attempt: Can it succeed - Mahamud Yahye
The Dynamics of Post-Intervention Political Failure - Dr. Michael Weinstein
The Role of Somali Elders - Abdullahi Dool
Adam A. Osman: Champion of African Democracy - Abdi-Noor Hagi M
Somaliland’s pursuit of recognition, maybe it is time to... - Ahmed N. Amin
Somali American Peace Council (SAPC) - Press Release
Stop the Piracy and the Free for All Culture - Abdifatah Ismail
Somalia: Ethiopia's Iraq - David Ignatius
WAR: When Will You Come to an End? - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Referendum is the best option for the Somaliland - A. Hagi Abubakarn
Somalia: Time to Act - Editorial (Arab News)
Open Letter to the President of Somaliland - Shune's Children
Somalia on course - AbdulRehman Hassan
Go'aan Qaran: Gabay Maql iyo Aqris ah - Inj. M. Cali Cibaar
Ambassador Kebede´s crude remarks - Ahmed Raghe Hassan
The Somali untouchables - Bashir Goth
Somalia: The Other (Hidden) War for Oil - Carl Bloice
Clans and crisis in Somalia - Gitau Muthuma
The Grand Compromise - Hussein Sheikh Ali (Damumaye)
Somalia asked us to save them from.... - Amb. Berhanu Kebede
Vision for the Future - Shirwa Jama
Feeding off Somalia's anarchy - M. Ibahim & Y. Mohamud
Road Map for Reconciliation: Unreconciliatory & Fradulent - SCDA
Inside Africa's Guantánamo - Salim Lone
Ruinous Mogadishu - Another US Debacle - Jama M. Ghalib
An Open Letter to Silanyo - By Mohamoud Ali Gaildon
Somalia Require Genuine Reconciliation and Political... - A/Rashid K. Hashi
Memo to the Somali Government - Michael Shank & Khadija O. Ali
Somalia: Genocide/War Crimes & Humanitarian Disaster' - Omar Salad
Somaliland vs Puntland: The struggle between clan and country - Guled I.
Make-or-break peace talks in Somalia - Abdulkadir Khalif Sheikh
Ethiopia’s Invasion of Somalia - I.M. Lewis
Violently opposing the Ethiopians is not a panacea - Abdisalam M. Garjex
Is Somali a Cannon fodder of a proxy war? - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
The Influence of Islam in Nuruddin Farah’s Writings - Moh'd Abbas Omar
Ich Bin Ein Hawiye (I am a Hawiye Citizen) - Abdishakur Jowhar
Warqad furan oo ku socota Salaad Cali Jeelle' - Cabdiya Sheekh Ahmed
Professor Ali Khalif Galyr & The Art of Political Opportunism - A. Ali Karanle
''Somalia Seized with Stasis'' - Dr. Michael A. Weinstein
Uganda: Letter From Somali Front - Capt. P. Ankunda
The West Now Takes Keen Interest in Peace for Somalia - Bethuel Kiplagat
Open Letter to the Ethiopian People - Idris Ahmed Osman
Stop the Current Brutality and the Indiscriminate........ - NASDSC
Odayaasha Hawiye maa Lagu Baddalo Odayaasha... - A. Haji Dheere
Somalia's descent to hell - Simon Tisdall
Carpet-bombing Mogadishu is not the answer - HOL Editorial
Actions of Ethiopia and the TFG warrant war crimes - Abdirizak Omar M.
In The Eyes of Fear Shock is The Sparkle - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed

A word of warning to the world: Genocide in the making - SOSNA
Intolerance in the Twin Cities - Linda Chavez
Ethiopia’s Invasion of Somalia: Neoconservative. .. - Daud ED
Unveiling the Mole “TFG” - Eng. Liban A. Egal
Pacifying Somalia: United in Extremism - Liam Bailey
It is time to judge Ethiopia’s invasion - Mohamed Mukhtar
Ungovernable Somalia and the Imminent Collision... - Abukar Arman
The Similarity of Difference - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Is it True ? - Ahmed J. Hamud
Editorial: Savagery in Somalia - Arab News
Finding A Way Out: The Somali Diaspora Remains Divided - Ali Bahar PhD.
Borame is a perfect home for everyone and all - Ahmed Abib Hayir
Talking Sense In Somalia - Liam Bailey
Inflation: Is there a Cure for This Market Disease? - Abdi-Noor H. Mohamed
Uganda: Keep our boys in Somalia - John Nagenda
C A B B I R (Gaby) - Cabdikhayr Sh. Xassan Sh. Soofe
Somalia: No Respite From War? - Gwynne Dyer
I am from Somalia - Ilham Abukar Dahir
Soomaali iyo bisha Maarso maxaa kala haysta? - Maxamed Mukhtaar
Somalia: A Victim of peacekeepers - Abdullahi Haji Hassan
How the media shapes our world - Idris Ahmed Osman
Uganda, have mercy please - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Somalia: time to be patient - Abdullahi Dool
The Enormous Debt Owed by so Many to the UIC - Dr. A. Abdirahman Hersi
Lessons from the Somalia Bombing - Lawrence Korb and Max Bergmann
Mogadishu: will it survive another ordeal! - Ahmed Raghe Hassan
Somalia needs Canada's support in developing its own peace process - Andy Knight and Afyare Elmi
Unity is paramount - AM Nur (Dhaashane)
U.S. Intervention In Somalia Wrong - George Maynard
Somaliland: A Land of Camel Milk and Honey - Nicholas D. Kristof
The Aftermath of Ethiopia’s Invasion: Somalia Reverting to..- Buri M. Hamza
Somalia's Government, Somalia's Affair - Liam Bailey
U.S. aid will help Somalia, not intervention - John P. Gamboa
Listener’s Notes on Nuruddin Farah - Ahmed I. Yusuf
Night Time in Mogadishu - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Somalia Reverts to Political Fragmentation - Dr. Micheal A. Weinstein
Governing Somalia - Liam Bailey
Genuine Diplomatic Settlement is the Only Way Out .... - HOL Editorial
The Mogadishu conflict: An Eye for an Eye - Ahmed Raghe Hassan
Falceliska Warqaddii Madaxweyne Thabo Mbeki - Inj M. C. Cibaar
Somalia: The Back-up Plan - Ken Menkhaus
End of the TFG and the way forward - Mohamed Mukhtar
The warning of History for the TFG - Abdullahi Dool
Falceliska Warqaddii Madaxweyne Thabo Mbeki - Inj M. C. Cibaar
Somalia: The Back-up Plan - Ken Menkhaus
End of the TFG and the way forward - Mohamed Mukhtar
The warning of History for the TFG - Abdullahi Dool
The Cost of Corruption - Somaliland Times Editorial
The rise and fall of the Islamic State of Somalia - Iqbal Siddiqui
Africa Union-On paper organization failed again as expected! - S. Egeh
A search for identity - Abubakar N. Kasim
Are we traveling the same road that led to the first Collapse? - Nur Bahal
Reconciliation: A Glimmer of Hope on a Distant Horizon - Abdi-Noor H. M
Somalia: The Way Forward - Hodan Mohamed
The Only Road To Peace In Somalia - Ibrahim H. Gagale
CIA Rendition Flights are currently active in the Horn - Mohammed H. Roble
Wadaad Waa Kuma? - Mohammed Marayare
Isticmaalka E-mailka : Macluumaad Iyo Talooyin - Saciid Cali Axmed
Force Won't Bring Peace to Somalia - Khadija Osoble Ali
The International Community and the crises in Somalia - Dr. Ali Said Faqi
Somalia is important to America - Jonathan Curiel
Burning of the Somali blue Flag In Hargeysa - Mahad AhmedIsticmaalka E-mailka : Macluumaad Iyo Talooyin - Saciid Cali Axmed
Force Won't Bring Peace to Somalia - Khadija Osoble Ali
The International Community and the crises in Somalia - Dr. Ali Said Faqi
Somalia is important to America - Jonathan Curiel
Burning of the Somali blue Flag In Hargeysa - Mahad Ahmed
The Nonsense Demands of the Somali Cabbies in Minneapolis - Ali Deria
The New Breed of Pen-warlords - Mohamed Hebaan
US Neoconservatives - Versus- Islam - Jama M. Ghalib
Time to end family feud in Somaliland - Adan H Iman

Ethiopia - It is all about access to the sea! - Mekonnen Kassa
Hargeisa Secessionists Desecrate Somali National Flag - NSPU
Things are as they should be - Mahdi Gabose
Somaliland ? - AbdulRehman Hassan
ALLE TUUG (GABAY) - Cumar Cabdinuur Nuux – Nabadoon
Defeating Islamic Courts Union and Installing Client.... - Mohamed Bakayr
Maxaa fashiliyey Maxkamdaha Islaamka - Maxamed A. Amir
Anti-TFG demonstration in Hargeisa, is it the last kicks ..... - Ali O. Samatar
Somalia's window of opportunity - LA Times Editorial
The Rise and fall of Union of Islamic Courts - A/rahman A. Mohamoud
Bush's fourth war against the Muslims - Eric Margolis
Xisaab Qoran: Gabay Baroordiiq ah - Inj. Maxamed Cali Cibaar
US air strikes of targets in Somalia – A criminal act. - Abdi Hersi 
Somalia’s Islamic Courts: Crusaders Without Conscience - A/Weli M. Ali 
African Leaders Importing 'Bushism' - Tajudeen Abdul 
Somalis’ hopes for secure homeland dashed - Said Sheik-Abdi 
The Disarmament Fiasco: Exception or an Emblem .... - Rashid Yahye 
How has the world reacted to the US strike? - Mohamed Mukhtar 
Why I am Appalled - Mohamoud A. Gaildon 
Will the U.S. Win in Somalia? - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Ethiopians are our natural neighbour but not our natural enemy - A. Samatar
Destabilising the Horn - Salim Lone
Blundering Into Somalia Yet Again - Eric Margois
Somalia is at critical crossroads - Dr. Hussein Ahmed Warsame
Critical Period in Somalia: All Eyes on The Prize - Dr. Ali Bahar
Is History Repeating Itself - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Somalia Today - AbdulRehman Hassan 
The Somalia Challenge - Vicki Huddleston 
If Somalis knew the serfdom in Ethiopia - Aklilu Demissie 
Ethiopian military invasion as a Trojan horse in Somalia - A/kadir S. Hussein
Ethiopia’s incursion of Somalia; A blessing in disguise .- Omarfaruk Osman 
The era of UIC has ended; but is TFG ready to govern?.- A. M. Garjex “camey"
Amin Amir…A Genius among Us .- Mohamed Abdi 
MMI: Dabeyl Caafimaad oo Dal Buka Saaqday .- Mohamed O. Musa

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