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Opinion - Fikrado

Soomaaliya iyo Dagaalka Ujeeddooyinka Badan ....- Afyare C. Cilmi 
Somalia as an allegory for the state of the world - Shmuel Rosner  
Ethiopian Meddling is the Source of the Somalia Mayhem- A/Rashid Khalif
Somalia's Horrific Saga Acquires New Actors - Abdirahman Waberi 
International lawlessness - Salim Lone  
Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism - Justin Raimondo  
The Jackal, the Hyena and the King of Beasts in Somalia - M. Diriye A/llahi 
Dancing for the Wolves - Mohamoud A Gaildon
A War of Miscalculation - Abdishakur Jowhar 
Zenawi is bad news for the people of Horn of Africa - Mohamed Mukhtar 
Debating Secession in Somalia - Liban Ahmad 
WAR OF THE POOR - Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed 
Rain Drops - Mahdi Gabose 
NSPU Conference on Peace and Somali Unity - NSPU 
J. Peter Pham: A Professor or Tabloid Writer!! - Ali Makel 
Why the United States Should Recognize Somaliland - Peter J. Schraeder

• Khat: socially acceptable stimulant or instrument of Satan?
- Said Sh-Abdi

• Bolton’s Rush Hour Policy
- Ahmed Ibriahim
• The Drama of Political Fallacy in Somalia
- Abdi-Noor H. Mohamed

• World politics prolong the Somali conflict
- Muuse Yuusuf
• African Forces to Somalia: A Tsunami in the Making!
- M. O. Eyow
• Somalilanders point of view in the debate
- Abdulkadir J. Dualeh
• A new chapter in Somalia’s prolonged conflict
- Mohamed Mukhtar
• The next horror in Somalia - Garrett Jones
UIC offer no solution to Somalia's Ills - A Abdi
NSPU Conference Stirs up a Hornet’s Nest - Mohsin Mahad
A Sinking Nation - Abdi-Noor Mohamed
The Somali Political Cliffhanger - Abukar Arman
The Islamic Courts: A critical and closer look - Ali H. Abdulla
An Urgent Call To All Somalilanders - M. Ahmed Haybe 
Dialogue holds the key to lasting Somali peace - A/kadir Khalif
Speakerless, Supportsless and Shelterless TFG: What’s Next? - Said Sheikh
Canada Can and Must Intervene In Somalia - Wali Farah
Somalia: Power, Legitimacy and Ideology - M. Shariff
Unity and Secession in Somali Political and Traditional Contexts - Liban Ahmed
Who can negotiate: Masters or Marionettes - Mohamed Mukhtar
Counterfeited the Somali Shilling - Ali Osman
Ethiopia’s Meddling: Has it Strengthened .... - Burci Hamza
Deconstructing Clan Framework: A Search for New Interpretation - Daud Ed
The threats of the Islamists should not sidetrack Somaliland - Dr. Mohame A. Omar
The blue flag represented liberty - A/kadir J. Dualeh
A Status Report From Inside The Somali Parliament - Asha Abadalla
The Way Forward - Abdullahi Dool

Maxaakiimta Islaamka waa in ay xakameeyaan Maleeshooyinkooda -Mohamed Amin Abubakar
It is not too late to reverse the US Foreign Policy in Somalia - Ali Osman
EID Mubarak, Mogadishu! - Shaacir Mataan
Somalis don’t need relapse into a civil war - Liban Ahmed
Ethiopia and Eritrea Gearing up for their Old War in Somalia - A, Khalif & A. Shafat
Somaliland and ICU war inevitable or wishful thinking of reactionaries? - Abdulkadir J. Dualeh
Union of Islamic Courts has fallen onto the Ethiopian Trap - Abdi Jama ( Gunna-Gunne)
Islamophobia, Terrorism and Fragmented Immigrant Communities - Liban Ah
Union of Islamic Courts has fallen onto the Ethiopian Trap - Abdi Jama ( Gunna-Gunne)
President Rayale and Puntland present the biggest threat to Somaliland; not the UIC - Dahir A. Jama
Is Tribalism still to be blamed? - A. M. Abdullahi
Diaspora / Intellectuals’ / Civil Society Kacdoon Is Long Overdue! - Abdirashid K. Hashi
A Revolutionary Momentum - Dr. Abdishakur Sh. Ali Jowhar
• T ime Will Tell - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Criticizing Islamic courts in Somalia? - Kamil, A. A
Che Ernesto of Somalia; Sharif Sheikh Ahmed - Cali Cusmaan
Kenya-Somali Relations: A fresh look - Cali Cusmaan
Courts deserve cautious positive review - AbdulRehman Hassan
Stop denial about Somali killings  - Abdifatah Isamil
Overweight People Should Take Advantage of Fasting  - Mustafa Yuksel
The Strange CIA Coup in Somalia - Gérard Prunier
Somalia's transitional government needs US support - Abdi Jama
Shortcomings of Islamic Courts Union - Abdi Hersi
The Somali Chicken Game - Shaacir Mataan
The Growth of Militant Islamism in East Africa - J. Peter Pham, Ph.D
Ethiopian meddling in Somalia counterproductive - Sara Kuepfer
Somalis are caught in between a civil war and hostile streets of S. Africa  - Bille Askar
SIPJ: Strongly Opposese the deployment of Peacekeeping force in Somalia - SIPJ
Get Ethiopian troops out of Somalia - Gregory H. Winger
Dalsan: Dad masaajid dhisaayey dhaceen doolarkoodiye! - C/llahi Maxamed
Somalia: Spiraling Toward War - Ken Menkhaus
Abdullahi Yusuf Can't Rule Somalia .- Jerry Okungu
Broken Ribs of A Nation's History .- Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
Somali Money Transfer is a Social Insurance for devastating Somali People.- Dr. Mohamed O Nur
Disillusioned with the state of affairs in Somaliland? - Mohamed Obsiyei
Abdiqasim and Ali Mahdi: One is With the Courts’Delegation; The Other is a Target .- Abukar  Y. Sanei  
Maqsuud: Maashaa-Allee Sow Muqdisho Lama Mushaaxaayo! .- Inj. Maxamed Cali Cibaar
Dalsan: A financial warlords, worse than Enron .- Abdullahi Mohamed
How has September 11 Affected Somalia and the Somalis? - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
An Open Letter to President Abdullahi Yusuf and his Government - Hodan Mohamed
It Is Time to Put the Nation's Interest Before Any Special Group's - Abukar Arman
Historical facts about Somalia’s relationship with its Neighbours - Abdulkadir Farah
Now is the time to show more political realism - Ismail Jumale
Discovering diversity during delivery - Yusuf Sheikh Omar
Wadahadalka dawladda iyo maxkamadaha ee Khartuum: Qaadirkow ka dhig mid najaxa - Maxamuud Wardheere
AU should keep Eritrea, Ethiopia out of Somalia - Standard (Editorial)
OH If Only I had a Country! - Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed
South Africa: Somalis should get our respect and protection - Glenn Ashton
What is The Role of the Somali Diaspora? - Zamira Hassan
Talo ma u haysaa Maxakamadaha - C/qaadir Oromo
The Secessionists Tactics of Misrepresentation: Has Adan Iman Over stepped? - Ali Bahar, Ph.D.
Poverty among African-Americans: A wake up call for Somalis in America - Murshid Barud
Ethiopia: Zenawi's Sea of Lies - Ali Osman
Somalia for the Somalis: An Idea in Peril - Harun Hassan
Definciency in the Samatars' Response to ICG Report - Adan H. Iman
Freedom for Mr. Abdi Adan Diiriye, a Prisoner of Conscience - NSPU
Somalia offers case study in problems with war on terror - Taylor Jackson
Rampant Corruption in the Prime Minister's Office- Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed
A Pity Assault on Prof. Samatar! - Ahmed Ismail Yusuf
Why Negotiation Should be a Basis for Deploying African Peace-keeping Forces in Somalia - Liban Ahmed
Somalia: A Nation in Limbo: Between Islam and Tribalism - Abdalla Hirad
Mamnuucidda Kulanka Xarakadda Al-Islaax - Abdullahi Osman
Text Book Wealth - Abdi-Noor Mohamed
IGAD and its patient (Part 3) - Mohamed Mukhtar
An Open Letter to Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweis - Liban Ahmed
Dragged Back Into Somalia - Mike Clough
Franchised Islamic courts endanger Somali cultural freedoms - Omar Ahmed
Prof Samatar’s Crusade Against Somaliland Should Stop - M. Suleiman
A HOUSE OF CARDS - Rashid Yahye Ali
Anglo-Somali Relations Re-examined - Abdullahi Dool
THE BRUTAL OCCUPATION IN THE SOUTH : A Litmus Test to the Somali Islamist - Dr. Ali Said Faqi
Negotiation is good but on what basis?- Cali Cusmaan & Axmed Axmed
I Opted for Somaliland to forestall Tyranny - Abdulkadir Dualeh
Diktoor Jaahil - Inj. Maxamed Cali Cibaar
Ethiopian Generals and Somali Warlords- Ken Silverstein
Why Ethiopia-bashing is not the right option for the United Islamic Courts of Somalia - Liban Ahmed
Press Release - ISRAAC
Kenya: Time We Tried a Policy Shift On Somalia - Ahmed Aideed
Transporting War to Somalia - Abdinoor Mohamed
Golihii Shaydaanka (GABAY) - Cumar C/nuur Nuux – Nabaddoon
Ethiopia's Propaganda and Lies Exposed - Cali Cusmaan
Rebuttal to Samatar's Criticism of ICG Report on Somaliland - Hassan Farah
Another Afghanistan Could Be Averted - Abdifatah Ismail
IN THE LINE OF DUTY - Somalia crisis bad for Kenya - Ambrose Murunga
Machinations and Undeclared War on Somaliland - IM. Abdi Halim M. Musa
The difficult choices facing the TFG - Abdalla A. Hirad
The level and density of Somali Students in Pakistan - Abdulkadir M Osman
The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA - Karen Armstrong
New Era: Sign of Hope - Afyare Abdi Elmi & Ali Weheliye

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