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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with AI-Powered Radiotherapy at ACIBADEM Turkey

Wednesday April 5, 2023
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Acibadem Healthcare Group, a premier cancer treatment provider in Turkey, proudly introduces the groundbreaking ETHOS device for radiation therapy. This state-of-the-art linear accelerator harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the precision, adaptability, and efficiency of radiotherapy. As the first healthcare provider to offer ETHOS therapy in Turkey and the region, Acibadem continues to lead the way in innovative cancer treatment. Professors Enis Özyar and Banu Atalar, Radiation Oncologists at Acibadem, emphasize that this advanced machine enables faster treatment in shorter sessions, tailored to each patient's daily anatomical changes. ACIBADEM's experts outline the key benefits of this cutting-edge technology for both patients and physicians.

Introducing ETHOS

Radiotherapy is a crucial treatment for nearly 70% of cancer patients. Professor Banu Atalar, a specialist at Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul and Acibadem University Radiation Oncology Department, elaborates, “Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that primarily uses X-rays or other forms of radiation to eliminate cancer cells. It works by damaging cells' genetic material, which controls growth and division. Radiotherapy aims to minimize harm to healthy cells while targeting cancer cells. Thankfully, normal cells often repair much of the radiation-induced damage.”

The Varian Ethos radiotherapy system signifies a leap forward in radiation devices and techniques, integrating AI to improve cancer treatment safety, accuracy, and efficacy. ETHOS serves as both a CT scanner, providing real-time imaging, and a linear accelerator, delivering precise radiation doses. The AI system rapidly generates adaptive treatment plans based on CT images. Introduced in 2019, ETHOS has successfully completed over 24,000 adaptive therapy treatment sessions worldwide.

The Power of Adaptive Radiotherapy

Traditional radiotherapy involves using imaging devices to locate tumors and devise treatment plans, followed by linear accelerator-administered radiotherapy. This multi-week process may lead to inaccuracies as patients' anatomies change due to weight fluctuations, tumor shrinkage, and organ shifts. Adaptive radiotherapy addresses these concerns by adjusting treatment plans in real time, resulting in more personalized, accurate, safe, and effective radiotherapy.

What Sets ETHOS Apart?

ETHOS brings the advantages of AI to cancer patients at ACIBADEM. Professor Banu Atalar explains, “ETHOS is a unique, AI-powered radiotherapy machine that operates faster than other systems due to its AI-driven contouring and treatment planning. The rapid treatment process adapts to each patient's daily anatomical changes, allowing for seamless adjustments as tumors shrink or shift.”

Benefits of ETHOS Radiotherapy

ETHOS's adaptive AI planning and real-time radiation delivery adjustments offer improved tumor control and increased life expectancy for various cancer types. This technology is particularly advantageous for abdominal, pelvic, and thoracic tumors, where anatomical changes frequently occur. Professor Enis Özyar adds, “The AI-enhanced ETHOS system provides superior CBCT images and allows us to adapt patients' treatments daily. Additionally, this fast machine significantly reduces treatment times, from 3-4 minutes to just 1 minute.”

A Collaborative Approach to Cancer Care

Superior cancer treatment relies not only on advanced technology but also on a multidisciplinary team of experts. Acibadem Radiation Oncology Department houses an array of high-tech devices, with experienced physicians selecting the optimal treatment based on their expertise and each patient's unique case. Radiation oncologists collaborate closely with professionals in medical oncology, radiology, surgery, pathology, and other related fields to deliver comprehensive, one-stop care—from diagnosis to successful treatment and follow-up care.

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