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Somali gov't repels Al-Shabaab attack

Thursday October 7, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - Al-Shabaab militants have attacked a Somali government base in Janaale district in the Lower Shabelle region on Thursday, according to residents.

Witnesses said a fierce gun battle erupted between the insurgents and government troops and told HOL that they expected casualties on both sides.

The Somali government said that it successfully repelled an attack from Al-Shabaab, killing two militants in the process and seizing automatic rifles.

The attack comes just days after government forces launched an operation targeting Al-Shabaab fighters in the Janale area of Lower Jubba.

On Thursday, Al Shabaab fighters executed two men in Lower Juba. It happened in Kamsuuma, a village 85km northeast of Kismayo. 

One of the men, Abdullahi Mohamed Farah, was suspected of being a member of Jubaland's security forces, while the other, Abdullahi Ooyow Mayane, was convicted by Al-Shabaab of child-sex crimes.

The shooting comes a day after Al-Shabab militants executed two men in Jamame district, accusing them of being members of the Somali police force and practicing witchcraft.


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