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Oromia president receives warm welcome in Jigjiga

Thursday October 7, 2021

Jigjiga (HOL) - The President of Ethiopia's Oromia region travelled to Jigjiga on Thursday to meet his Somali region counterpart.

Shimelis Abdisa's delegation landed at the Garaad Wiil-Waal International Airport in Jigjiga, where Somali regional president, Mustafa Cagjar, welcomed him.

Cagjar was accompanied by his deputy president, Ibrahim Osman Farah, and other regional cabinet members.

Following their meeting in Jigjiga, the two regional presidents visited Chinhahsan. The town was part of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia until 2004, when a referendum transferred control of the territory to Oromia. The town has a rich medieval history, where it functioned as a major city in the Adal Sultanate.

The trip marked Abdisa's first visit to the Somali region since his election in April 2019.


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