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Somali lawmakers hold first meeting of 5th session in Mogadishu

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday April 3, 2019

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali Parliament has today resumed its sitting for the first time since the fourth session of the parliament was officially opened in last month.

The meeting of the parliament was several times postponed for lack of quorum.

Mohamed Sheikh Mursal Abdirahman, the speaker of the parliament who opened the sitting of the parliament said 156 lawmakers have turned up attend today's meeting.

According to the leadership of the parliament, the agendas of the House has included security of the capital city.

The speaker of the parliament said the parliament will debate the recent Al-Shabaab and the insecurity which the city has been facing since early March.

 “The highest risk which the public is facing is lack of security, so for today, we will discuss it but the parliament will debate on Saturday,” he said.

Since March, over seven bomb explosions which killed over forty people took place in Mogadishu.

Al-Shabaab militants had claimed the responsibility for the attacks.

The groups have been fighting Somali government forces and continental troops since 2007 when the African Union deployed troops in Somalia to back the government.


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