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Al Shabab vows more attacks in Somali capital
Hiiraan Online
Tuesday,June 3, 2014

The Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab militants have threatened they will carry out even bigger attacks in the country’s capital Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab’s representative Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein for the Banadir region where the capital Mogadishu is located said that their operations in Mogadishu will continue until they will have realized their targets.

“The attacks we are planning to carry out in Mogadishu will so much bigger and devastating than those we did in the past and I promise that the enemy in Mogadishu will not enjoy peace” said the Islamist militant whose voice was broadcasted by the group’s Al-Andalus radio.

He said the attacks will mainly target AMISOM and Somali government officials adding that, the increasing insecurity in the capital was disgraceful to President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud’s government.

“We attacked the Presidential Palace and the Parliament; they are the two most important compounds of the puppet government” he said adding that the upcoming attacks will rock the whole city.

The threat from Al Shabab comes several days after the country’s National security and Intelligence Agency Chief General Bashir Mohamed Jama said that the secret services gathered reliable information which indicates that Al Shabab were planning more attacks in the city in the upcoming Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan.

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