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Inspiring Speakers Coming to Ottawa for the Muslim Philanthropy....

Rasha Al-Katta, a speaker at the forum, went to Kenya this year as a volutneer with WaterCan. She was able to successfully raise enough funds to provide clean water to 200 people for life through crowdfunding.

Inspiring Speakers Coming to Ottawa for the Muslim Philanthropy Forum on June 3rd

Tuesday,June 3, 2014

On June 3rd, a unique event will be taking place in Ottawa bringing together leaders in the field of fundraising and philanthropy from the Canadian Muslim community. The Muslim Philanthropy Forum is organized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Foundation for Philanthropy-Canada as part of their Inclusive Giving Project launched in 2012 and funded by the Ontario government through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, and chaired by Ontario's Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable David C. Onley.

 The purpose of this project is to highlight the philanthropic traditions of diverse communities in Ontario. Muslim speakers from Ottawa and Toronto will be sharing their experience and expertise in engaging Muslim communities in charitable initiatives.

Muneeb Nasir, President and founding member of the Olive Tree Foundation which provides grants to non-profit organizations for community development initiatives, will be speaking at the forum. “The Muslim Philanthropy Forum is an excellent opportunity for charities and fundraisers to gain an understanding of the giving traditions of Muslims and what values motivate Muslims to contribute to charitable causes,” he explained, “The forum will be a good networking and educational opportunity, especially for Muslim organizations, as they will learn about philanthropy and gain from the fundraising experiences of others.”

As the Canadian Muslim community’s median age is 28, a unique focus of the forum will be the work of young Muslim philanthropists who will discuss the innovative ways young people are developing to raise funds.

Rasha Al-Katta is a volunteer with WaterCan, a Canadian charity focused on providing clean water in developing countries. This year, Rasha successfully fundraised over $5000 (enough money to provide clean water for 200 people for life) by using crowd-funding through her social networks. “I was invited to speak at the forum to share my experiences in philanthropy, and what I've learned along the way in terms of effective fundraising, running a campaign and donor trends” she explained, “I think it's a great opportunity to showcase the philanthropic initiatives of Muslim youth, the great care we have for our communities and the difference we hope to make both locally and globally.”

Another of the youth panelists will be Leen Al Zaibak, who founded Jusoor, a charity led by young Syrian professionals which supports education programs for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. The youth panel will be moderated by Mohamed Sofa, the Chair of Horn of Africa Development Assistance (HADA) which supports development work in Somalia with a focus on health and education.

 As one of the founders of a charitable organization mainly driven by young Somali professionals, he is also attending the forum to learn. “I want to broaden my knowledge and understanding of fundraising methods and best practices for fundraising within the Muslim community," he explained.

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity, is the Keynote Speaker of the event. After losing three of his daughters when shells hit his home in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Abuelaish turned a devastating life experience into a catalyst for social change and girls' empowerment by establishing the Daughters for Life Foundation which is dedicated to advancing the education and health of girls and women in the Middle East.

The forum takes place on Tuesday, June 3rd 10:00am to 5:30pm, at the Centurion Centre, 170 Colonnade Road South. The registration fee is $50. You can register for the forum here.


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