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RE: Endorsement Letter On Khat Ban

Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Home Secretary

Dear May
RE: Endorsement Letter On Khat Ban
We are a coalition of community leaders, organisations, campaigners, parents, researchers, Somali media figures, who are from the British Somali community and regularly engage with the British Somali diaspora in various ways.  We have seen first-hand the negative impact Khat have on individuals, families and communities (such as negative impact of on personal mental and physical health, ability to seek and sustain employment, impact on marriage and family life and lifestyle in general) here in the UK and elsewhere.  
As Somali Community leaders we are writing to show our strongest endorsement to the Home Secretary, Theresa May and coalition government decision to ban khat in the UK and to robustly and vehemently reject the recent ill-advised Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) report on khat, which failed to acknowledge and recognize the concerns of the Somali Community in the U.K.
As HASC only gathered evidence from those who are pursuing (including Government delegates and ad hoc Select Committee from Meru County, Kenya) a judicial review of the Home Secretary’s decision then this lack of consultation with all stakeholders is particularly concerning and seriously alarming.  
The community at large feels the Home Secretary and the Coalition Government has taken a long waited brave decision that has the potential to deliver real and positive changes on family life, community cohesion, health and economic outcomes. As a community we feel this is about safeguarding our vulnerable British/Somali citizens from Khat abuse and we are confident such decision will enhance the social fabric of our society for the better.
As community leaders we maker our conclusion from our direct involvement and experience with our communities/youths and we feel the Coalition Government should continue with its plans to ban Khat because it is us as communities that has to face the impact of Khat abuse and has to pick up the pieces at grass-roots level. Our community is at cross-roads in their overall migration into the United Kingdom and this critical juncture for community, bold steps or decisions are needed from our leaders at Government, Local and Community level, and the decision to ban Khat has all the hallmarks of good prospects a head for community in the short and long term.
With this letter and a community we would like to take the opportunity to thank the Home Secretary, Theresa May, Home Office and the Coalition Government for this bold decision and as a community we stand by and support this decision wholeheartedly. As community leaders we have been in discussion with Local Authorities, Health Bodies and the Metropolitan Police Service to reduce any disruptions to society and with further guidance and support from all Government agencies, we will put in the necessary framework or safety net for the most vulnerable that require treatment and prevention at the local level. Within enclosed report, the community has also put forward a number of recommendations that we hoped to be useful in the aftermath of Khat Ban U.K.
The following Somali influential organisations within United Kingdom listed below have endorsed the community report and letter.
.     Anti-Tribalism Movement
.     London Somali Youth Forum
.     MI Advice
.     Qaad Diid organisation
.     SYDRC
.     Help Somali foundation
.     West London Refugee Employment and initiative
.     Tallo Information Centre
.     HASVO
.     Elays Youth Network
.     Council for Organisation
.     Star TV
.     Kalsan TV
.     Star TV
.     Somali Channel
.     Horn cable TV
.     Hiiraan Online
.     Salaan Media
.     Hounslow Somali community
.     Mideye organisation
.     Bristol Somali Resources Centre
.     Act for Somalia
.     Horn Stars
.     WSSP
.     USS
.     Unity Somali Council
.     Somali Diaspora UK
.     SHAN Group
.     Mind Tower Hamlets and Newham borough
.     Universal TV
.     Bright Education Centre
Yours Sincerely
Somali Communities in the U.K
More Info  AbukarAwale
The Lead anti- khat campaigner


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