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Somalia: HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign Kicks Off in Adado

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A week-long HIV/AIDS awareness campaign has been launched in the town of Adado in Somalia's Himan and Heeb region after local doctors reported an increase in the number of people living with HIV in September, Radio Ergo reported Monday (December 2nd).

"HIV/AIDS is a common problem in the world, particularly in Africa and even in Somalia. We therefore want to remind our people that HIV is here in our community and people are getting infected," said Dahir Osman Wehliye, head of the Red Cross office in Himan and Heeb.

Free HIV tests and counselling services will be available all week, and unmarried people were encouraged to get tested before they marry, Osman said.

Seven people tested positive for HIV in one testing session in Adado earlier this year. Doctor Tahlil Ahmed Mohamud said it was the highest number recorded in the district.

Director of the Adado district health department Dahir Ali Abtidon said that there were likely many more people living with the disease, since levels of awareness are low and very few people seek out testing voluntarily.

Anti-retroviral drugs are not available in the area.


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