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Mogadishu mayor vows support for orphans after mother was murdered; father still on the run

Sunday February 4, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Hussein Jimale Madale, has announced his administration's commitment to support the children orphaned following a horrific incident where their pregnant mother was killed in a fire set by her husband.

During a visit to the victim's home, Mayor Madale and other government officials expressed solidarity with the affected family and outlined plans to ensure the children's future security and well-being.

Mayor Madale detailed the ongoing efforts to apprehend the suspect, stressing the importance of community assistance in capturing the individual responsible for this and a similar crime in the area.

Mahad Omar, the Banadir Regional Police Commissioner, vowed to bring the suspect, Sayid Ali Moalim Daud, to justice for the murder of his pregnant wife, Lul Abdiaziz, after issuing an arrest warrant.

He went on to say that anyone who helped the criminal evade justice would also be held accountable.

The tragic event is part of a disturbing trend in Somalia, where domestic abuse has drawn widespread attention and condemnation and a call for justice throughout the region.



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