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Call for justice after pregnant mother of six murdered by husband in Mogadishu

Saturday February 3, 2024


Luul Abdiaziz (L), a dedicated worker at Aden Adde Airport in Mogadishu and expectant mother, alongside her husband Sayid Ali Abdi Haji Daoud (R), is now accused of a tragic case of domestic violence. Luul, who was six months pregnant and a single mother to six orphaned children, succumbed to injuries after being set on fire. The incident has sparked widespread outcry and demands for justice. Photo credit: Family.

Mogadishu (HOL) - In a horrifying incident on Friday morning in Mogadishu, Luul Abdiaziz, a pregnant woman and airport worker, died from injuries after her husband allegedly set her on fire. The tragedy, rooted in what reports suggest may be jealousy, has sparked outrage and demands for justice from the victim's family and the community.

Authorities are currently searching for the husband, Sayid Ali Abdi Haji Daoud, who has fled and is the primary suspect in the crime. Despite widespread discussion in the community, official details remain scarce. Security agencies have yet to provide any updates on his whereabouts.

Luul, who was six months pregnant and a mother to six orphaned children from a previous relationship, had been battling her injuries at Digfeer Hospital for several days before succumbing to them. The attack took place in her own home, where her husband is said to have used gasoline to ignite the fire. 

The family of Luul Abdiaziz has publicly demanded the Somali government arrest and prosecute Sayid Ali Abdi Haji Daoud, insisting that they will not proceed with burial rites until justice is achieved. Luul's relatives called on the support of the Somali President and the Banadir regional administration to capture and bring the perpetrator to justice.

As the investigation unfolds, the story of Luul Abdiaziz leaves a community in mourning and a nation grappling with the need for justice and protection for its most vulnerable citizens.

The family of Luul Abdiaziz demands justice from the Somali government, insisting on the arrest of Sayid Ali Abdi Haji Daoud before conducting burial rites. They appeal for action from national and regional authorities to ensure accountability.


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