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Galmudug denies Al-Shabaab casualty claims, prepares counter-offensive in Mudug

Saturday February 3, 2024

Galmudug's Security Minister, Mohamed Abdi Adan Gabobe. Galmudug Administration

Mogadishu (HOL) - In a decisive rebuttal, Galmudug's Security Minister, Mohamed Abdi Adan Gabobe, has firmly denied allegations by the Al-Shabaab militant group regarding the death of 200 soldiers in recent clashes in the Aad area of Mudug region. Gabobe's statement comes in the wake of a violent confrontation last week that has raised significant international concern.

According to Minister Gabobe, Al-Shabaab's claims, bolstered by purportedly false images circulated on the internet, are a deliberate attempt to mislead the public and exaggerate government casualties. He clarified that the actual losses were considerably lower, primarily consisting of wounded personnel, whereas Al-Shabaab faced substantial setbacks.

This development follows an alarming raid launched by Al-Shabaab on January 24, targeting government and local militia forces in Aad. Despite the group's claim of victory and significant government casualties, Somali military and local militias reportedly repelled the attack, marking a significant blow to the militants' operations in the region.

Highlighting the ongoing efforts to combat the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group, Gabobe announced that international partners have intensified their airstrikes targeting Al-Shabaab centers in both Mudug and Galgaduud regions. The strategic strikes aim to dismantle the militants' weapon stockpiles, setting the stage for a comprehensive ground assault.

The move to a ground offensive signals a significant escalation in the Somali government's campaign against Al-Shabaab, which still exerts substantial control over large swathes of territory. 

This assertive stance by Galmudug and its allies underscores a broader strategy to neutralize Al-Shabaab's influence in Somalia. Gabobe added that amidst conflicting reports and the fog of war, the Somali government's resolve to confront and defeat the militant threat remains unshaken.


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