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Al-Shabaab launches raid in mudug region, targets government forces

Wednesday January 24, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) — A large raid by the Al-Shabaab militant group in the Aad area of Somalia's Mudug region was reported on Wednesday, featuring an explosion targeting both government and local militia forces. The early morning attack sparked a severe battle, marking a significant escalation in the region's conflict.

The Somali National News Agency reported that despite heavy resistance, government forces, aided by local militias, managed to repel the attack, inflicting substantial losses on the militants. However, in a contrasting claim, Al-Shabaab has declared a victory in their morning assault. They allege to have overrun the military base and to have inflicted significant casualties on the army units present there.

Sources on the ground reported that the fighting began at dawn, leading to heavy casualties on both sides. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the exact number of casualties.

The attack is said to have been initiated with a strategically executed suicide bombing, primarily targeting the government's special forces stationed in the area.

Somali military spokespeople have informed media that they successfully thwarted the Al-Shabaab assault in Aad. 

Galmudug Security Minister Mohamed Abdi Aden, speaking to the BBC, stated that the military is still engaged in combat with Al-Shabaab militants in Aad village, where several military bases are located.

The Aad area, currently under the control of Al-Shabaab, has been the focus of a significant offensive by Somali federal forces against the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group since August 2022.


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