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British parliament to debate ‘recognition of Somaliland’ tomorrow

Monday January 17, 2022

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The British Parliament is scheduled to debate a motion on the recognition of the break-away region of Somaliland on January 18 amid praises from the Somaliland government.  

The motion tabled by former defence secretary Gavin Williamson follows growing calls in the UK for the recognition of Somaliland which declared independence from Somalia on May 18, 1991.

The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, praised Williamson's proposal, in a statement posted on the ministry's Twitter account, as well as appealing to Somalilanders in the UK to follow it up with their respective MPs.

"The Government of Somaliland is aware of the debate in the UK Parliament on the recognition of Somaliland on January 18, and we urge the people of Somaliland in the UK to contact their MPs, and we thank former British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson," the statement said.

Debates over Somaliland's recognition have been repeated in the UK parliament on several occasions, with municipalities in Sheffield, Cardiff and Birmingham already recognizing Somaliland's independence.

The @somalilandmfa is aware of the adjournment debate on the 18th of January at the UK Parliament regarding Somaliland recognition.

The MFA urges Somalilanders in the UK to get in touch with their respective MPs. We are grateful to the former UK Defense Secretary #GavinWilliams
- MFA Somaliland (@somalilandmfa) January 16, 2022


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