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Why you should visit Acibadem Healthcare Group in Turkey

Wednesday June 15, 2022
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Acıbadem began its journey into healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in a district of Istanbul/Turkey. Today, Acıbadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 22 hospitals, 14 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acıbadem's rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012, which enabled us to be a part of the world's second-largest healthcare chain.
Our goal of expanding our footprint overseas started in 2011 with Acıbadem Sistina Hospital in Skopje, Macedonia. It was followed by the acquisition of Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group in Bulgaria in 2016. Along with this acquisition, Acıbadem Healthcare Group became Bulgaria's largest healthcare service provider. After that, our footprint has extended with the launch of Acıbadem International Medical Center in Amsterdam, which has an indoor area of 5.000 square meters, in 2017. In 2021 it will be followed by the acquisition of Acıbadem Belmedic in Serbia, resulting in 22 hospitals and 14 outpatient clinics in 5 countries. 


Every year, many patients from different parts of the world travel to Turkey to receive treatment. They prefer Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which provides services using the most advanced technology worldwide and expert teams meeting the international quality standards.
For their convenience, the International Patient Services Center has been designed as a "one-stop" service center and supports every patient from the day of the first request until the time they return to their home country. Once International patients choose to come to Turkey for their treatment, they can easily get their travel and treatment plans from the Acıbadem information offices. Until now, Acıbadem launched 46 Information offices in 25 countries and 45 cities outside Turkey. International patients will be warmly welcomed at our Health Point desk once they have arrived at the airport in Turkey. Patients can wait and use Wi-Fi until their transfer. Private transportation will transfer our patients to their hotel or hospital. At our Health Point desks, located in hospitals, our translators will welcome and support our patients throughout their treatment in 20 languages.


All of the hospitals within the group that meet the global standards also stand out with the centers of excellence. 11 Cancer Centers (surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), 16 Heartcare Centers (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), 14 In Vitro Fertilization Centers, 10 Organ Transplantation Centers (liver, kidney, bone marrow), 10 Spine Centers, 3 Sports Medicine Center accredited by FIFA and 6 Robotic Surgery Centers are all among the nationally and internationally accredited and qualified centers due to their advanced technology equipment and experts that have significant experience in their own fields.


Acıbadem Healthcare Group provides advanced diagnosis methods and a multidisciplinary treatment approach. In diagnosing Cancer, Acıbadem provides PET CT, SPECT CT, Ga-68 PSMA, and Ga-68 DOTA with high expertise. For Cancer Treatment, Acıbadem Provides a multidisciplinary approach to Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. Acıbadem keeps on investing highly in technology for Cancer Treatment.

Cyberknife®: Cyberknife® is a robotic radiosurgery system that can treat with highly sensitive precision, even within a millimetre. With this system, the cancerous region can be treated with high doses of radiation. In this procedure, the healthy tissues can be protected at a maximum level against the side effects of radiation.
Gammaknife®: Gamma Knife® has been the first radiosurgery technique to treat tumours and other abnormalities in the brain. In Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, the target tissue receives a very high dose of radiation in a max of five sessions. In contrast, the adjacent brain tissue is exposed only to negligible radiation.

MRIdian: We have launched the world's 9th and Europe's 3rd MRIdian® Linac system in 2019 that uses the latest breakthrough technology. MRI-based technology spares as much healthy tissue as possible, while powerful tracking tools ensure that only the precise amount of prescribed radiation is delivered. MRIdian® Linac's embedded MRI technology improves tumour visibility and patient alignment, tracks tumours and manages the patient motion and provides on-table adaptive radiotherapy planning. It targets the tumour accurately and is administered without harming the surrounding healthy tissues and cells.
TomoTherapy: TomoTherapy® is a treatment method that evolved from advanced technologies. It performs special, 'customized' radiotherapy on each patient. TomoTherapy® offers an integrated approach to radiation therapy, combining imaging and treatment delivery to precisely target various cancers. Many patients who have reached their maximum tolerated radiation dose can have radiotherapy with TomoTherapy®.
TrueBeam®: TrueBeam® is a system to treat cancer quickly and accurately while avoiding healthy tissues and organs. The most crucial feature of TrueBeam® is that it can provide faster, safer and more effective treatment. The carefully guided, automated workflow on the TrueBeam® system uses precise, high-quality visual cues to enhance safety and reduce the treatment period. Thus radiologists can see small details better.
VitalBeam®: VitalBeam® offers high-intensity mode technology for faster treatments of complex cases. The technology of VitalBeam provides versatility for treatments throughout the body. It enables the doctor to precisely pinpoint the tumour, monitor its position during treatment, and adjust the patient's positioning for greater accuracy. With its high-intensity mode, the VitalBeam® is precise, fast and safe.


The Heart Care Centers of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group compete on a world-class level to provide the most modern heart care in Turkey. We use state-of-the-art technological equipment for the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We offer a high standard of contemporary diagnosis, treatment, and support services with our 16 Heartcare centers, including pediatric heart centers where congenital heart diseases are treated successfully.


Acıbadem Children Heart Center provides comprehensive pediatric heart care services offering diagnosis and treatments with world-class care in Turkey. Our center is the reference center for complex congenital heart diseases. With our multidisciplinary approach, our overall success rate is over 95%, including critical cases in newborns and infants.


The Acıbadem Organ Transplant Centers serve patients with a technical infrastructure matching international standards. With our 10 Organ Transplant Center, Acibadem Healthcare Group has become a reference center for many complex treatments. Acibadem utilizes the latest transplant technologies with its team of experienced specialists. In our centers, we admit both adult and pediatric patients for liver and kidney transplantation.


Acıbadem provides advanced treatments for both adult and pediatric patients. All services in the centers are offered in line with international standards and sterile settings. ACIBADEM Hospital utilizes the latest transplant technologies and, with the aid of an experienced clinical transplant team, provides the patient with the best chance of survival.


Acıbadem Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Centers offer an integrated, evidence-based approach to diagnosing and treating infertility. A compassionate team assists patients through every step of this experience! Our centers successfully implement all diagnosis and treatment methods, including ovulation induction, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, microinjection, other micro manipulation methods, testicular biopsy, and laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical operations.


Our 10 Spine Centers provide advanced diagnostic and treatment services with its patient-focused treatment approach principle. During the execution of treatment services, our specialist doctors obtain better results owing to the possibilities provided by advanced technologic devices such as the EOS device that captures 3D images with a reduction in radiation and offers high-quality images from all body parts with its whole body scan capability. During these diagnostic and therapeutic processes, our multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all associated specialties enables a more rapid exchange of information between the units; this, in turn, minimizes loss of time and allows transition to the phase of creating solutions for our patients with spinal disorders. The services provided at the center include pediatric and adult spinal deformities, scoliosis, kyphosis, vertebral displacement, spinal/spinal cord tumours, spinal pain and injuries, posture disorders, and osteoporotic fractures.


The Neurosurgery departments of Acıbadem Healthcare Group provide advanced diagnosis and treatment services for brain tumours, Deep brain stimulation (DBS), stereotactic brain biopsy, spinal surgery and gait analysis. Acıbadem also provides a high standard of modern diagnosis treatment services in pediatric neurosurgery in such fields as epilepsy, cerebral palsy and tumour surgeries. Acıbadem neurosurgeons utilize the latest technology (such as PET-CT, CyberKnife and Gamma Knife) available in neurosurgery.


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