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Soccer tournament held in memory of Ahmed Keyse to become annual event

Monday September 6, 2021

Ottawa (HOL) - More than a dozen soccer teams from four different age categories took part in the inaugural tournament remembering an Ottawa community leader.

The 'Kayse Cup' was held this weekend at the Ottawa Business Park, with 14 teams from Ottawa and Toronto competing in a knock-out style tournament.

newsnsideIt was held to honour Ahmed Hassan (Kayse),  a soccer coach and longtime resident of Ottawa, who passed away last August after a battle with cancer.

Kayse helped found Surad Soccer Club in 2012 and was dedicated to developing grassroots soccer in Ottawa's Somali community.

Said Arwo, the lead organizer of the tournament and fellow founding member of Surad, said his legacy would live through the soccer club.

"Ahmed Hassan Kayse was the founder of this club, and he worked tirelessly to set up a place like this for the kids. He put a generation of kids from U12 to 18+ through this program, and now a new generation is beginning."

Arwo added that the tournament would be held annually to honour Ahmed Kayse.

Abdirizak Jama, the manager of Amal Express Ottawa,  said that Kayse was a shining example and that the Ottawa-Somali community owed it to his legacy to continue his work.

There were four tournaments held for teams between Under 12 and 18+

Surad FC, the team Kayse helped found, won in the U12 and U15 categories.

Horseed FC, the only team to hoist the cup from Toronto, won in the U17 category.

Finally, Amal Ottawa won in the 18+ category.

Amal Express Ottawa, 2021 Winners of the U-18 Kayse Cup
Amal Express Ottawa, 2021 Winners of the U-18 Kayse Cup
Surad Soccer Club, 2021 Winners of the U-12 Kayse Cup
Surad Soccer FC, Ottawa
MVP of 18+ tournament: Amal Ottawa goalkeeper
Horseed FC from Toronto


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