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Somali president freezes new trade, security pacts until after polls

Sunday August 8, 2021

Somali President Mohamed Farmajo has issued a directive barring all government officials and public institutions from entering into new economic, political and security agreements during the electioneering period.

Farmajo said the directive which is aimed at safeguarding the national assets and sovereignty of Somalia will remain in force until the next government is sworn in and takes office.

"Until after the elections, all ministries and government agencies are prohibited from entering agreements or talks on behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia that affect the future, sovereignty, the land and the sea of our country," he said in a directive released on Saturday evening.

Analysts say the latest executive order will stop reported dealings that have been the norm during the electioneering period.

"Until after the elections, all new trade agreements with other countries remain suspended," the president said.

Farmajo said in issuing the directive, he took into account the prevailing political situation in the country and the constitutional responsibilities of the two Houses of Parliament in ratifying agreements entered between Somalia and other countries, institutions and international companies

Farmajo said the executive order is meant to provide a conducive environment for the ongoing electoral process.

He instructed all government institutions to uphold and protect the dignity, nationhood and gains made in recent years.

Somalia which has kicked off elections for representatives of the Upper House is due to hold presidential elections by October.



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