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Puntland praises Prime Minister Roble for his leadership

Sunday August 8, 2021

Garowe (HOL) -  The Puntland state government congratulated Prime Minister Roble on Sunday for his leadership during this turbulent time in Somalia's politics.

"The Government of  Puntland congratulates the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble for his leadership of the country in the transition period, the implementation of elections and the strengthening Somalia's of diplomatic relations around the world."

"The Government of Puntland has always believed in the rule of law as stated in Article 4, Clause 1 of the Provisional Constitution."

The statement from the Puntland presidency appeared to be a full-throated official endorsement of PM Roble on the heels of President Farmajo's decision to freeze new trade and security pacts during the election period.

The Prime Minister of Somalia pushed back against President Farmajo's decision on Sunday,

The Prime Minister instructed his cabinet to carry out their duties as usual and defended negotiations to improve Somalia's foreign relations.

The rift between the president and the prime minister has already been felt, with some opposition politicians supporting the prime minister's decision and praising it.

In a statement, Prime Minister Roble made it clear that he is responsible for leading the country during this transition period.

President Farmajo was forced to hand over the responsibility of managing the elections to PM Roble in early May after Somalia's caretaker parliament walked back a controversial decision to extend Farmajo's term for two years.


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