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Historic Closing Date for Rawdah Community Center

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday October 2, 2019
By Mohamud Dulyadeyn


Rawdah has purchased two buildings in South Minneapolis that are next to each other. Rawdah Community Center has outgrown its masjid (mosque). Since its establishment, it has had a pleasant yet challenging journey. Despite struggling financially for a while, today is the beginning of a new asset. These changes reflect a unique commitment by Rawdah Community members.

The primary aim of the Rawdah Community Center is to promote religious harmony and tolerance among people belonging to different faiths. The Center looks forward to redefining its horizons so that it can optimally serve the Muslim community in Minnesota. And for this, it has devised an effective plan that is already underway. Rawdah Community Center is a religious entity that has operated as a non-profit organization for ten years. Serving the Muslim community in Minnesota, Seward neighborhood in particular, it takes pride in its open-door policy for both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Rawdah community members are grateful to Mike Rafter, the seller of the center, for his good service and concerns about the community. He visited us multiple times to show solidarity with the Muslim community. Rafter is a caring person who this community will never forget.

Rawdah is a 15,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose space used for daily religious worship, weekend Islamic school (Dugsi), youth center and community gatherings. “Wallahi, I am so excited”, Sh. Abdirizak Farah Sancaani said— the imam of Rawdah Community Center. “I knew that this historic day would come.”


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