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Somalia to have a new constitution in June 2020- Communique

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday October 2, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somalia will have a new constitution by June 2020, a communique from the just concluded Somalia Partnership Forum in Mogadishu read in part.

Delegates from about 50 countries and Somali government led by Prime Minister Hassan Khaire said in a joint communique the timelines will be met through cooperation among various stakeholders.

“Somalia committed to complete the Constitutional Review by June 2020, and adopt an amended Federal Constitution, establish the Constitutional Court and the Judicial Service Commission,” the communique read.

The communique added parliament and the executive committed to adopting an Electoral Law by December 2019. Legislators are currently visiting the Federal Member States to collect public views on the elections law including the suitable model for the 2020 elections.

On security, the communique reads, Somalia committed to successfully conclude current security operations, undertake further operations against Al-Shabaab and complete priority reforms of security, justice and human rights institutions.

The meeting which concluded today called for closer cooperation between the Federal Government and Federal Member States noting ‘strengthened political cooperation between the FGS and some Federal Member States (FMS) would have accelerated progress’.

Speaking earlier in the Forum, Prime Minister Hassan Khaire sounded up beat on his government’s reform path noting reforms in the last two years are almost bearing fruit.

“Painful and necessary economic reform is inching us closer to prosperity for the Somali people,” the PM said. 


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