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Universal TV says they were attacked by tax officers

Hiiraan Online
Saturday March 30, 2019

Mogadishu (HOL) - Officers from Somalia's Tax Collection Department were involved in a hostile incident on Saturday as they forcibly tried to gain entry into Universal TV's Mogadishu office.

Journalists at the station say they were filming their daily morning program when nearly a dozen armed men in police uniform arrived and asked to speak with the station manager.

Universal TV posted on their facebook that they were under assault by Somali security forces.

It is alleged that tax officers got into a gunfight with Universal TV guards after the former tried to gain entry into the facility.

Residents report hearing the ensuing gunfight.

No casualties were reported by Universal TV or by Somali officials.

Nearby Presidential guards reportedly interfered in the gun battle and are investigating the incident.

This story is developing.



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