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Cruel dad sent to jail over chilli attack on sons

The West Australian
Monday April 1, 2019
By Shannon Hampton

District Court Judge Gillian Braddock sentenced Abdiwali Ahmed Aden to two years and nine months jail over the brutality.

A “cruel” and “sadistic” father could spend almost three years behind bars after he rubbed chilli sauce in the eyes and mouths of his two young sons and beat them with a stick when they misbehaved at school.

Described by a judge as “extreme violence” that “went way beyond anything that could be considered acceptable physical punishment”, Abdiwali Ahmed Aden left his 10-year-old and eight-year-old sons with bruising and potential scarring after repeatedly striking them with sticks in 2016.

District Court Judge Gillian Braddock last week sentenced the father to two years and nine months jail over the brutality. She said to then rub chilli sauce in the boys’ faces “went so far beyond what might be regarded as punishment for misbehaviour as to be sadistic cruelty”.

Judge Braddock said Aden, 44, had learnt his children had been in trouble at school before he took a stick and subjected them to an “excessive beating” to their arms, legs and backs, leaving them with injuries that were still visible when doctors examined the pair 10 days later.

It was during the same attack — and in subsequent violent episodes also sparked by apparent misbehaviour at school — Aden rubbed chilli in the boys’ eyes and mouths despite protests from his wife, who went to police the following week.

“To subject anybody, but especially a young child, to assault by applying chilli sauce to the vulnerable part of the face ... is so remarkable and cruel, it is hard to believe that any father would do such a thing,” Judge Braddock said.

Aden, who admitted using a stick to discipline the boys during his trial in December but said he struck only their hands and arms, was convicted of repeatedly assaulting the boys and engaging in conduct that may result in harm to a child.

He was also found guilty of attacking his wife in an act of jealousy in 2013, punching her, knocking her down and stamping on her head until she passed out. In one of his rages, Aden hit his eldest son on the ankle with a metal broomstick so hard it swelled up and he struggled to walk.

Judge Braddock noted the father, who had a traumatic background and witnessed his mother’s murder in Somalia before arriving in Australia as a refugee in 2007, had wanted his children to take advantage of the education to which he did not have access.

But she said his behaviour had “the potential to cause a child serious harm”. “What was required perhaps of you for these boys was stern advice, perhaps encouragement,” she said.

“Even a smack in some circumstances would not put you in the place where you are now.


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