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Veteran Somali journalist passes away in London

Hiiraan Online
Thursday June 7, 2018

FILE - Mohamed Aden Hersi "Terra", a longtime reporter with Radio Mogadishu and later Universal TV passed away in a London hospital on Thursday

London (HOL) - The Somalia media landscape is mourning the loss of one of their most accomplished journalists. Mohamed Aden Hersi “Terra” passed away early Thursday morning in a London hospital after about a year with an undisclosed illness.

BBC World Service journalist and brother-in-law of Terra, Abdinur Sheikh confirmed his death on his personal Facebook page.

Condolences have poured in from Somali journalists around the world who can vividly recall Terra’s reports for Radio Mogadishu.

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Terra graduated from the National University of Somalia – among one of the first graduates from the University’s faculty of journalism. Upon graduation, he began his journalism career as a reporter with Radio Mogadishu in the early 1970’s. He rose up the ranks in the early years and later became the Director for the Somali National News Agency (SONNA)

He remained with Radio Mogadishu up until the collapse of the Somali government and eventually joined the thousands of Somali’s who settled in London, UK.

Terra later joined Universal TV, a Somali television channel based in London that was among the first Somali satellite TV channel.

A career journalist, Terra remained involved in the media landscape. One of his last works was an interview he did with ‘Telling The Real Story entitled “Some of the causes and potential solutions to Tahrib”. In it, he discusses what drives young Somalis and Eritreans to risk their lives to emigrate to Europe.

Hiiraan Online, on behalf of its staff and editors, extends its sincere condolences to Mohamed Aden Hersi’s family in this difficult moment.

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