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35,000 people benefited from Ramadan projects of HBJ Foundation

Thursday June 7, 2018

More than 35,000 needy people have benefited from Ramadan projects worth over QR1m which are being implemented by Jassim and Hamad Bin Jassim Charitable Foundation (HBJ Foundation) in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Humanitarian Funds (INSANIA)  in five African countries.

The beneficiary countries are Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.The project aims at providing support to impoverished Muslim needy families and other people in a number of poor countries, especially those affected by war, conflict and drought, said a release.

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Under Ramadan projects, HBJ Foundation distributed food baskets to 6,360 needy people including poor, widows, people with disability at several places in Sudan at a cost of QR272,160 .  The food baskets consisting of ingredients that are mostly used in Ramadan meals, including corn, wheat flour, cooking oil, red beans, dates and sugar.

The Foundation also distributed 7,560 food baskets in a number of placed in Somalia at a total cost of QR238,140. More than 7,200 people benefited from Ramadan project of  HBJ Foundation in Ethiopia which was implemented at a cost of QR153,000.

Over 6,480 beneficiaries received food baskets Chad under a Ramadan project worth QR209,160.The Foundation distributed 7,200 food baskets at a cost of QR 265,860 to needy people in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

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