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Garissa flghts increased to three times each week

Thursday July 26, 2018

Garissa town residents have welcomed a third weekly flight to Nairobi by Freedom Airlines.

From January, the airline has had two flights a week — Monday and Friday. It has added another flight on Wednesday.

It operates from Wilson Airport. Manager Shallow Abukar said they responded to the growing demand to increase flights. The firm operates a 50-seater aircraft.

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A one-way ticket costs Sh5,000. The airline also flies to Wajir, Mandera, Eldoret, Mombasa, Moyale, Takaba, Elwak and towns in Somalia.

Garissa speaker Ibrahim Abass and MCAs yesterday flew to Nairobi on Freedom Airlines. Abass said the flight was convenient and cheaper than going to the capital by road.
“Under normal circumstances, we could have travelled yesterday by road and spent the night in Nairobi. The MCAs could have been paid extra for their nightout,” he said.

Garissa MCA Hussein Borle said the flights will be convenient for persons living with disability “like me”.

“Travelling by air to Nairobi takes less than one hour, while by road it’s more than six hours. I had to hire and pay a driver because of my condition. We’re very happy,” he said.

Borle said it will help patients in need of emergency services.

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