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KDF Killed Hormuud Telecom Workers and Destroyed Communication in Gedo Region, Somalia

Thursday July 26, 2018

Reports from Elwaq Somalia say that Monday Morning, KDF forces killed two Hormuud Telecom Employees in that Town. 

Kenyan Defense Forces hanged the Two Hormuud Telecom Staff at Dhuuntow Village  between Dhamase and Elwaaq  and also Burnt Telecom’s Communication Mask. 

One of the Victims named Abdirahin Hassan Ali, also wounded another one called Bahar Iidoor, Photos From the scene shows that KDF burnt all Hormuud Equipment. 

Other reports said that when they (KDF) hanged two staff feted Explosives at the Building of the Telecommunication and Exploded, which caused Shutting Communication links. 

Hormuud Telecom Officials who spoke to Mustaqbal Radio said that they lost Staff and damaged their properties in Gedo Region. 

The Official said KDF Troops previously destroyed Hormuud Communication Masks in El Baande, Dhamase, Khadijo Hajji and Dhegalab Villages. 

September-18-2017; Kenyan Defence Forces destroyed Hormuud’s Khadijo Hajji Branch, between Balad Hawo and El waq Gedo Region Somalia. 

On January 22, 2018; KDF Exploded Hormuud’s Branch in El-waq Gedo Region On March 3, 2018; Kenyan Defense Forces destroyed Hormuud Telecom’s Branch in Dhamase , in Gedo Region. 

Peace keeping Mission  AU’S peace mission in Somalia has limited mandate regards to the mission’s work in Somalia, but Kenyan Defense Forces in this mission committed violence and abuse of power in Jubaland Regions,  said Hormuud Officials who spoke to HOL.

KDF did not comment on this Issue.

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