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2nd official turns down appointment by Hirshabelle authorities

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday April 24, 2018

Jama Farah Kaba-weyne, a trader from Beledweyne, said that he was not consulted by the Hirshabelle Administration prior to his appointment.

Beledweyne (HOL) - A trader from Beledweyne has turned down his appointment to hold a post in the infant Hirshabelle administration, citing a complete lack of consultation before his appointment.

Jama Farah Kaba-weyne was nominated for the Deputy Governor of Hiiraan region this month by Hirshabelle Interior Ministry.

Kaba-weyne who spoke to the media on Tuesday said the Hirshabelle administration did not consult him prior the appointment.

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He added that he was not willing to take the post.

"I heard my nomination on the radio, There was no consultation given, I am a shop owner living in Beledweyne, and I don't need a position within Hirshabelle administration," Kaba-weyne said.

He called on Hirshabelle authorities to engage in delebrations with the individuals before appointed for post.

Last Month, Faisal Abdullahi Omar, a secondary student in Jowhar announced his rejection to take up Assistant District Commissioner of Gamboole town just a day after he was allegedly appointed by Hirshabelle Interior Ministry.

The 16-year-old claimed he also heard his nomination on the media and was not given consultation on the post.

"I am still a student at Sheikh Hassan Barsame Secondary School in Jowhar. I heard I was appointed as Deputy Gamboole district Commissioner by (Hirshabelle) Minister for Interior. I cannot hold that post," Omar told the media.

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