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Clan dynamics to play major role in by-election for new Wajir governor

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Former Wajir govenor Ahmed Abdullahi celebrates with his supporters outside the court of appeal on friday last week afther it upheld the ruling by High Court overturning governor Mohamed Abdi's win./STEPHEN ASTARIKO

The Court of Appeal’s decision on Friday to uphold the ruling by High Court Judge Alfred Mabeya in the Wajir governor petition on January 12, will send voters back to the ballot.

This follows the nullification of the election of Governor Mohamed Abdi of Jubilee. The court ruled that he was not validly cleared to vie for the seat. He lacked a valid university degree and his election was marred by malpractices.

A three-judge bench of justices Philip Waki, Milton Makhandia and Patrick Kiage ruled that the IEBC should conduct a fresh election for governor of Wajir.

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Political heavyweights and brokers are already spinning into action. New alliances are being formed. Complex clan and sub-clan dynamics will play a key role in determining the next Wajir CEO. Both Abdi and his predecessor Ahmed Abdullahi, who challenged his election, are from the Yaber sub-clan of the Degodia.

However, Abdullahi’s co-petitioner Ahmed Muhumed is from the Ogaden clan. The Ajuran clan, which took the Senate seat, will be a deciding factor.

Abdullahi was opposed by veteran politicians in the county who accused him of not consulting them on key decision.

News of the nullification of Abdi’s victory has been received with mixed reactions. Some residents back it while others say it will slow development.

Resident Mohamed Kheir, a hardware owner in Wajir, said they are relieved. They can now pick a leaders of their choice. Abdi has taken his battle to defend his victory to the Supreme Court.


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