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Legendary Somali singer-composer, Rashid Bullo, passes away in Hargeisa

Ku aqriso Af-Soomaali

Hiiraan Online
Friday April 28, 2017

Rashid Bullo spent the majority of his life working at Radio Hargeisa.

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) – One of the Somalia’s most renowned singers Rashid Buulo Ibrahim has died at his home in Hargeisa on Friday, his family confirmed.

Rashid Buulo began his career as a singer at Radio Hargeisa in the early 1950s and was one of the founding members of 'Walaalaha Hargeysa' before briefly moving to the capital Mogadishu where he joined and travelled with the Waberi Band. 

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He spent the majority of his life working with Radio Hargeisa where he was a recordings manager and producer.

Mr. Buulo was not only a singer but also a composer. Among his popular songs are: “Warsan iyo Weedhsan i soo waceey”, by Amin Feyr Hussein; “Sidii Eyro geel”, by Farhiya Ali featuring himself.

Hargeisa residents will fondly remember  “Tanni waa Hargeysa herarka gaaban idinkala hadlaysee habeen wanaagsan” which is usually played as an outro to close the local radio program.

Rashid Buulo, born to an Indian father, Balluu Ibrahim, who arrived in Seyla, Somaliland in 1886 and married a Somali woman.

He leaves behind his wife and nine children, Three boys and six girls and dozens of grandchildren.

Hiiraan Online sends our condolences to his family.  May Allah bless him with jannah and give his family Sabr, InshaAllah.

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