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Somaliland opposition leader speaks about Somalia election

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Faisal Ali Warabe urged voters from Somaliland taking part in the Somali elections to vote for t"he right candidate". FILE PHOTO

Hargeisa (HOL) - Somaliland opposition leader, Faisal Ali Warabe,  has unexpectedly spoken out about Somalia election

The UCID party commissioner suggested that parliamentarians should vote for an honest candidate for the presidency on the 8th February elections.  He also discussed ongoing talks between Somaliland and dissident Khatumo State.

 “You are aware of the status of Somalia. They are now preparing for a presidential election. They named it an indirect election. But it is a wrong one. The candidate with the highest amount of money will buy all the votes and will emerge the winner. Some forty or twenty candidates are all vying for the presidency in Somalia. They have made an upper house which is based on regional states. That house has got no law. There is no functional regional state except Puntland. Foreign governments are interfering in this election.” Faisal Ali said.

“I would like to urge the parliamentarians not to sell the future of the people you claim to represent with money.  Check the track records of each candidate thoroughly. What has Hassan Sheikh done in his four-year tenure?  What properties did he possess in the past and what does he possess now? What has Sheikh Sharif done? Farmaajo was once a prime minister. What has he done? Hold them accountable. You must not be carried away by greed. But you should be guided by you value and the need to better your afterlife. We as UCID we would like good leaders to emerge from there who we can continue with the talks we had”. Faisal added.

Regarding some "dissident representatives" from Somaliland who defy the self-declared republic's decision to run its affairs separate from the rest of Somalia, Faisal said even though they cannot represent the people of Somaliland there, they should vote for the right candidate.

“I urge the parliamentarians there claiming to be representing Somaliland to assist a good candidate with their vote even though you cannot represent us. Vote for a genuine candidate who can support them and who we can engage them with talks so that we can be separate'.

He concluded that the money the candidates are using to lure the MPs to vote for them is the public funds which they will take and vote for their favorite candidate.

'The candidates are using the people's money so use our method of eating the money and voting against them. We in Somaliland tell the members of the public, eat the money and vote against them. So, behave the same way'.


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