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Abdirahman Farole drops out of election hours before the Presidential poll

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday February 7, 2017


Mogadishu (HOL) - Presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Farole has announced that he is dropping out from the presidential race, just hours ahead of tomorrow's election.

Mr. Farole formally submitted his letter of resignation to the electoral commission which confirmed that he has withdrawn from the presidential contest

In a press conference in the capital, Abdirahman Farole cited persistent interference as the reason for quitting the race. He urged Presidential hopefuls who remain in the race to keep the interest of the Somali people at heart.

In his exit speech, he criticized the makeup of the National Leadership Forum and accused Federal leaders apart of the forum of manipulating the Somali election at every turn. He also criticized the Puntland President, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas for getting into bed with candidates he's formed the alliance with, at the peril of his Puntland constituents.

His comments come at a time where accusations of vote-buying, intimidation, fraud and violence have dominated the headlines surrounding the elections

Graft - vote-buying, fraud, intimidation - is the top concern in a nation that Transparency International now rates as the most corrupt in the world.
329 members of Somalia's Upper and Lower House will choose between 22 candidates to elect the Somali president through a secret ballot tomorrow. To win in the first round, a candidate must get 219 votes, a feat that is highly unlikely. Only 4 of the 23 candidates will go on to the 2nd round of voting. To be declared the winner, a candidate must win 2/3 of the total votes.


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