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Somaliland president accuses Somali govt of threatening region’s security

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday January 12, 2016

MOGADISHU (HOL) – The president of breakaway northern Somalia region of Somaliland has accused Somali government of ‘interfering’ the enclave’s internal affairs and threatening its security.

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Somaliland which has declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, considers Somalia as a barrier standing in its way of securing an independence recognition, a struggle it has been pursuing for more than two decades. However, no country has so far recognized it as an independent state.

Meanwhile, delivering his annual speech Monday, Ahmed Silanyo, Somaliland’s president accused Somali leaders of ‘organizing’ elements that aim to create disunity among the people of Somaliland and to mess up the voter registration for the upcoming presidential elections.

“Somalia should focus on solving their own problems.” he said at in a speech delivered at the two houses of representatives, warning against the ‘reignition’ of conflict.

No comment could be reached from Somali government on the allegations.

However, Mr. Silanyo has also affirmed that Somaliland would resume talks with Somalia that collapsed late last year to find solution to
the contentious issues between the two sides who held two previous rounds of talks.

His remarks come after the region has recently announced that it would seek a ‘neutral’ venue for its talks with Somalia rather than Turkey which sponsored previous rounds of talks.

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