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Somali president warns political instability as MPs seek his impeachment

Hiiraan Online
Thursday, August 13, 2015

MOGADISHU (HOL) ----Somalia’s president has called for the parliament members who submitted a motion of no-confidence vote against him to reflect on the country’s interests and avoid creating a political mayhem which he said could derail ‘progressive’ political and security gains in Somalia.

More than 95 legislators have lodged the motion with the parliamentary speaker who past the supreme court endorsement would have present the motion to the parliament for vote.

“This is not the right time to create political spat because of the ongoing important tasks for the country.” Hassan sheikh Mohamud, Somali president said in a statement issed late Thursday.

The legislators have accused the president of corruption; a reason they said led him to lose public confidence and donors’ trust. In the motion letter, they said that donors have discontinued paying subsidy to the government because of corruption by the president.

Responding to the allegations, the president has credited his government with security gains, by ousting militants from key towns and the expansion of the federalism system in many parts of Somalia.

“Somalia has moved forward, and that progress cannot be halted just because obstacles or deceptions by elements who are not working for the interest of the public and the greater Somalia nation.” president Mohamud concluded.

The new of the motion has drawn mixed reactions from ordinary Somali; with some say it would further divide the country.

“When the hope surfaces, it gets dimmed quick – this political movement will only throw our future into a deeper hole.” said Mohamed Hassan, a shopkeeper in Mogadishu.


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