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Renowned cleric escapes assassination attempt in Somaliland

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

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A well known cleric in Somaliland Sheik Mohamed Haybe has escaped assassination attempt on Sunday, after a man with a dagger attacked him as the cleric came out of a mosque in the capital Hargeisa where he preached hundreds of worshipers during a ceremony to mark on the birth of Prophet Mohamed of Islam peace and mercy of Allah be upon him.

Hargeisa police arrested the assailant who is now being questioned at the central prison, according to Somaliland’s deputy police commissioner General Abdirahman Liban Fohle who talked to the media after the arrest of the notorious attacker. He added that the assailant is now being questioned by the police for more information.

The commissioner didn’t disclose the name of the assailant, but noted that police will release additional information after they have completed their investigations on the matter in a bid to identify which group the man belongs to and who sent him to carry out such brutal assassination attempt.

“The Sheik was slightly wounded and he is now being treated at hospital” said the deputy commissioner adding that the cleric was showing signs of good recovery. Sheik Haybe became the first such high profile cleric to be wounded in Hargeisa which has been relatively peaceful compared to the rest of the country.

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