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Kenya: Police Urged to Investigate Old Deserted House

Friday, April 28, 2014

Police in Mwingi have been urged to investigate old deserted buildings in Mwingi. Kisoi Musya, a resident said among them is a spooky house that is about a kilometre from Mwingi market.

He said for a long time they have believed there are illegal activities that are conducted in the building. Musya said despite asking police to carry out investigations on what goes on inside, no action has been taken.

"Residents believe Osama bin Laden spent a number of days in the building assembling bombs used during 1998 bombings. We believe many of the al Shabaab attacks in the country are planned and finalised in the same building," Musya said.

Musya said suspicious people have been spotted entering the building at night and they also leave at night.
He said the house was build many years ago by prominent Arab business people. Muasya said after the owners died, they left the house under their care of their children who deserted the building.

Muasya said the building stands on a four-acre land with a perimeter wall of 10 feet and has got three watchmen.

"Why is the building guarded?" he said. He said besides the "suspicious" individuals, other people are not allowed into the buildings.

Muasya said several people have expressed interest to buy and renovate the buildings but they are turned away by the high price amounting to Sh27 million.

A 72-year-old watchman, who declined be named, said he does not know what he guards and he does care as long as he earns a living.

He said owls, bats and dilapidated gadgets have found a home in the building.

The man said he cannot divulge much but there are Somali visitors who are helped by middlemen to settle in the building before they proceed to Nairobi.

He said four al Shabaab suspects were arrested by police recently on their way to Nairobi after spending two nights in the same building

Mwingi police boss Simon Birir said it is possible for terrorists to use the building as a hideout. He said they will investigate the matter and culprits will be apprehended.


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