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Eight die in a renewed fighting south western Somalia

Hiiran Online
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Monday, April 28, 2014

At least eight people have been killed in renewed clashes between Somali government forces and Al- Shabab militants in the Kulan-Jareer village in the south-western Bakool region.

The fighting erupted when the Somali military attacked the area to hunt a top level Al Shabab leader and his forces who occupied the village over night.

The fighting took several hours according to Somali army commander in the region Colonel Mohamed Abdirahman who talked to the media on Monday.

“We were hunting an Al Shabab leader who was trying to hide in the village, but unfortunately he escaped” Colonel Mohamed Abdirahman said adding that his forces killed four militants.

But residents in the village who were reached for comment by the local media said they witnessed at least 8 people killed in the fighting.

Meanwhile, the Al - Shabab militants were not yet available for comment about the latest fighting which was said to be one of the heaviest reported in the region for the past several weeks.

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