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Panel Discussion Addresses Minn. Somali Terrorism Recruitment

Friday, November 22, 2013

Local law enforcement officials and community leaders are teaming up to try to stop young Somali men in our area from being recruited by terrorists. The threat involves the al Qaeda-linked terror group al Shabab.

The panel held a seminar Tuesday at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Mall of America to examine how local men are being recruited, what can be done to stop it, and why it’s a growing threat.

The seminar also looked at lessons learned following the shopping mall attack in Kenya back in September; al Shabab is claiming responsibility for the four-day siege that killed 67 people.

Presenters included Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, Somalia United Nations Mission Secretary Omar Jamal, Kajoog Executive Director Mohammed Farah, Violent Extremism Prevention Expert Jeff Weyers, Former Ramsey County Emergency Preparedness Director Gary Olding, and Somali Education Director Abdirizak Bihi.


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