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Prominent Alshabab leader surrenders himself to Authorities
Hiiraan Online
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In an unpredicted move Hassan Dahir Aweys one of Alshabab’s prominent leaders surrendered himself to Himin and Heb authorities last night.

Speaking to Voice of America Spokesman of the regional authorities confirmed the report.
“Hassan Dahir Aweys is in our custody, he is in the hands of the special forces of our president”.  Said  Mr. Mohamed Omar Hagafey.

“He surrendered himself following days of talks, arguments and standoff ”. Mr. Hagafey added.

Early reports indicate that the militia leader escaped using small boats after his followers waged fierce fighting against loyalists of Alshabab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane in Barawe town in Lower-Shabelle region.

The internal warfare was a sign of worsening tensions within the al-Qaeda-affiliated militia which has now become even more public following the surrender of Hassan Dahir Aweys.

Signs have been growing of a split with an alliance forming against leader Ahmed Abdi Godane who is viewed as one of the most radical leaders of the group who promotes global Jihadi warfare.

Hassan Dahir Aweys was added to the U.S. government's list of terrorists in 2001.

“As an administration under the Federal government of Somalia Hassan Dahir Aweys will be dealt  with under the Federal and International laws on those who surrender themselves or captured”. Said Mr. Hagafey.

The surrender of Hassan Dahir Aweys will be a big blow to Alshabab who was described as the group’s spiritual leader.

Ahmed Abdisamad
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