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Kenyans in Egypt are safe, assures ambassador
PHOTO | FILE Egypt’s ambassador to Kenya Kadri Abdelmottaleb.

PHOTO | FILE Egypt’s ambassador to Kenya Kadri Abdelmottaleb.  NATION MEDIA GROUP

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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The Egyptian Government on Monday assured Kenyans of the safety of their relatives working or studying in the North African country.

Egypt’s ambassador to Kenya Kadri Abdelmottaleb said all foreigners in the country, which is facing with political turmoil following the removal of President Mohamed Morsy, were safe.

“No foreign national has been attacked. The situation is safe except in two places. The problem is truly for Egyptians and we are trying to contain it. Nobody will allow Egypt to collapse because it is important for Africa and the whole world,” Mr Abdelmottaleb said.

The ambassador said tourists were still visiting various parts of the country and that schools had closed for summer holiday.

The envoy said Egypt was slowly returning to normal and that the curfew was being relaxed.

Mr Abdelmottaleb said the June leadership change was not a military coup but a popular revolution supported by the army after Mr Morsy failed to adhere to citizens’ demands. Many analysts however termed it a coup.

“The government is not being headed by the army. During a coup it is commander of army who controls the country and stops all political party activities. The interim president is from the Judiciary.” Mr Abdelmottaleb said, adding Mr Morsy and other Muslim Brotherhood members were facing criminal charges.

He said the new government was made up of technocrats and that Mr Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood members had refused to join it. According to him, the situation in Egypt was a fight between government institutions with terrorists and that Kenya and the whole world would benefit if the militants were defeated.

“There’s a connection between the Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab in Somalia,” the ambassador told the Nation during an interview at the Egyptian Embassy along Othaya road in Nairobi.

The envoy accused President Morsy of monopolising power and freeing terrorism suspects during his one year rule.

“People thought Morsy would be for all Egyptians but reneged on his promise,” Mr Abdelmottaleb said.

Egypt buys about 30 per cent of Kenyan tea with trade imbalance between the countries standing at about US$500,000.


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