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MP links Marsabit killings to Ethiopian militia

Moyale MP Roba Duba. He has linked the killings of six people in Marsabit County in the last six days to a militia from Ethiopia. Photo/FILE
Moyale MP Roba Duba. He has linked the killings of six people in Marsabit County in the last six days to a militia from Ethiopia. Photo/FILE 
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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An MP has linked the killings of six people in Marsabit County in the last six days to a militia from Ethiopia.

Moyale MP Roba Duba refuted earlier reports that the inter-community conflict in the area arose from an attack on lorries carrying goods.

“The fact of the matter is that initial attacks and killings were orchestrated, planned and executed by one community militia from Ethiopia, which has crossed the border into Kenya,” Mr Duba said.

Three people were killed at Funyanata area, some 30 kilometres from Moyale Town on Friday. Another three were killed on Sunday night.

Mr Duba, who is a former Nairobi Town Clerk said the militia was identified from documents found on the bodies of some of those who were killed and those injured in the attack on a manyatta at Antuta.

“Infact, one of the people who were injured during the attack by this militia has been identified as an assistant chief from this community in the neighbouring Ethiopia. The said chief was injured in the initial fatal attack on a Borana manyatta at Antuta,” Mr Duba said in a statement released in Nairobi.

Mr Duba denied that members of the Borana community attacked lorries carrying goods along the Moyale-Marsabit road, and that it was the basis of the conflict.

“Prior to these incidents, there were efforts by Marsabit County Commissioner and leaders from two communities-the Borana and Gabra, to resolve the issue of land for pasture and settlement,” Mr Duba said.

During the meeting, Mr Duba said, it was resolved that influx of the Gabra from Ethiopia should be stopped and those who had crossed into Kenya repatriated.

Mr Duba said the conflict in Marsabit was not also as a result of March 4 elections where one dominant community lost as claimed in some quarters.

“The fact of the matter is that during the General Election, there was a conspiracy against the Borana, by a local amorphous outfit known as REGABU, which is coined to mean Rendile, Gabra and Burji communities. The aim of the outfit was to deny members of the Borana community elective seats in Marsabit County and so it cannot make a point of reference in the conflict at hand,” Mr Duba said.

He said the national government and security apparatus on the ground should take the conflict in the area seriously and have it resolved.

He said one community was being denied employment opportunities in Marsabit County and that some people wanted to reap from the outcome of the March 4 elections “more than they could do politically.”

Mr Duba also called for the disbandment of tribal outfits in Marsabit for locals to focus on development.

Three more people were killed in Marsabit County as fighting between communities in the area intensified.

This brings to six the number of people killed in the area in the past five days.


Marsabit governor Ukur Yattani said as a result of attacks in the area about 100 trucks ferrying goods are stuck between Moyale and Marsabit Towns.

The governor appealed to the government to deploy the General Service Unit personnel to the area to quell persistent skirmishes and ensure return to normalcy so that locals could engage in development.

Mr Yattani regretted that only members of one community were currently being allowed to use the Moyale-Marsabit road.

"All vehicles plying the Moyale-Marsabit road, unless they belong to a certain community are stopped, searched and occupants attacked and left for the dead,” Mr Yattani said.

He said the national government should move with speed and restore peace in the area and secure the Moyale-Marsabit road to pacify the region.

Four weeks ago, fighting between two communities in Marsabit left one person killed and a number injured.

The local DC was also surrounded in his office and attacked for allegedly siding with a chief involved in a row between two communities, Mr Yattani said.

He said the DO’s office and national flag were also burnt down and a person killed.

Mr Yattani said last Friday’s killings occurred near Moyale Town when trucks carrying goods were stopped and the occupants attacked.

He said pleas for help have not been fruitful as even members of the provincial administration had expressed fear for their lives.

“If the people who are supposed to protect locals' lives have expressed fear for their lives what will happen to the ordinary mwananchi? The security situation is not getting the necessary attention,” Mr Yattani said.


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