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The wanted list

Friday, June 08, 2012

As much as $7 million is being offered for: Al Shabab's founder and operational leader Ahmed Abdi aw-Mohamed, 34. He is also known as Ahmad Abdi Godane or Mukhtar Ali Zubeyr. His announcement linking Al-Shabab to Al-Qaida in February is thought to have helped prompt the rewards.

As much as $5 million each for: Ibrahim Haji Jama, a key leader from Somaliland who reportedly trained and fought in Afghanistan; Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, a dual Somali and Swedish national who has raised funds and directed attacks; Bashir Mohamed Mahamoud, an al-Shabab military commander and coordinator for Al-Qaida operations in Somalia; and Mukhtar Robow, who has served as spokesman and the group's spiritual leader, the State Department said.

As much as $3 million for: Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi, its head of intelligence, and Abdullahi Yare, deputy to the leader and head of media operations.


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