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Somalia: refugee emergency, Italy finances two mobile clinics
Thursday, December 15, 2011

In response to the healthcare emergency in Mogadishu, the Italian Cooperation is supporting the Somali NGO Young Doctors Association (SOYDA) to provide healthcare to women and children refugees in the camps set up in the Waberi and Dharkenley districts of Mogadishu.

SOYDA has trained healthcare staff and activated two mobile clinics that treat an average of 230 patients daily.

The Italian Cooperation has been running an emergency initiative in Mogadishu through a €2 million local fund set up at the Italian Embassy in Nairobi.

The programme is being carried out by 5 Italian NGOs in partnership with Somali organizations, and includes activation of and support for humanitarian healthcare assistance, the defence of weaker groups, water supply and sanitation, agriculture and food security and, finally, education.

Special attention is given to the conditions of women and psychological help is offered to victims of violence and abuse.

The Italian Cooperation is also working with the International Red Cross to replenish supplies of medicines and equipment to Mogadishu's two main hospitals Medina and Keyseney.


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