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Col. Omar Hashi Aden of the Alliance for the re- liberation of Somalia (ARS) speaks in public to the people in Halgan, Hiiraan

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Col. Omar Hashi Aden, Secretary of Interior of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia
Beled Weyne, Somalia (HOL) -  Secretary of interior of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Smalia, Col. Omar Hashi Aden, has recently been in parts of Hiiraan and addressed a rally in public for the first time in Halgan, Hiiraan.

According to an eyewitness who contacted HOL, Omar Hashi, accompanied by members of the Islamic Courts Union, spoke to the people about the general situation in Hiiraan Region and the presence of the Ethiopian Army in particular.

The colonel told the audience that the current resistance movement is meant to liberate Somalia from the invading enemy (the Ethiopians).  He added that Hiranians need to understand that the actions of the resistance are not intended to prejudice or harm particular groups or individuals.   

“We know the distortion that some individuals are making, but it is important to know the truth because Ethiopia does not even revere the so-called Federal Government.  I encourage you to join the liberation movement.  The aim of the Ethiopians is to deny Somalia to embrace the Holy Quran.”   

Commenting on the recent changes in the administration of Hiiraan Region, he said that the Federal Government knows that Hiranians were always at the forefront of national struggles; nonetheless, Hiranians never had the opportunity to safeguard their own interests.

He warned the recently nominated administration not to fall over into the deception of the so-called regional administration which will only exacerbate the current confusion in the region.  He told the people in Halgan to reject the intervention of the Federal Government and its de-facto regional administration because, as he put it, the presence of Ethiopians will only accede to devastation and mortification. 

For the first time since he went to an exile in Eritrea, the presence of Omar Hashi in Hiiraan and his bold, defiant speech in public highlights the political showdown between the Federal Government and the Alliance for the re- liberation of Somalia, both having members in the region.

On the other hand, the former governor, Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (Dabageed), has rejected to concede to the recently nominated governor, maintaining his position as the legitimate governor.  He refused to attend the inauguration ceremony for the new governor.  Yuusuf reiterated his previous nomination signed by the president of the federal government and indicated his refusal to the Prime Minster’s appointment of the new administration.  This seems to create another challenge to the newly appointed administration in Hiran.    

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