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Brief Memoirs: Dr. Elmi Ahmed Duale,
Somali Ambassador to the United Nations

The newly elected Transitional Federal Government of Somalia appointed Dr. Elmi Ahmed Duale , one of the few career diplomats and politicians who are not tainted by the bloody and prolonged civil war of Somalia. Dr. Duale is the first Somali who was trained in medicine and practiced as medical doctor. Dr. Duale’s medical practices were well noted during early 1960s at General Hospital of De Martino ( Mogadishu). Similarly, he was the first Director General of Ministry of Health during the period that followed the nation’s independence. Further more, he was the first Dean and Professor of newly founded Faculty of Medicine of University of Somalia in Mogadishu.

Later, Dr. Duale became member of the parliament (MP) and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs during the last civilian government before the Military coup d'état of October 1969. Subsequently, the Military Regime detained Dr. Duale for approximately 4 long years along with prominent Somali politicians like, late Hon. Mohamed I. Egal, President Aden Abdulle Osman, etc.

Following his release, Dr. Duale became energetic International Civil Servant and joined the United Nations during 1974, first as Medical Officer, Program Coordinator, and later served as World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to several African nations (Nigeria, Tanzanian and Island of Zanzibar and Eritrea). Dr. Duale retired from the United Nations services during late 1999. However, due to his extended dedications and experience forced him to continue his involvement of the international health development, especially in Africa. As consultant and public health adviser, Dr. Duale has contributed numerous valuable international health policy forums and research papers.

Dr. Duale was born in Bulo-Burte (Hiran), Somalia in 1935. He completed his Quranic, primary and intermediate education in Bulo-Burte and Mogadishu. He is proud student of the famous Moallim Jama Bilal School. Later on, he completed his high school education at Hantoub Secondary School, Wad-Medan (The Sudan). Moreover, Dr. Duale successfully completed his medical education as Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of University of Rome ( Italy) during 1960. Later during 1963 he achieved Diploma in Public Health (DPH) from University of Edinburgh, Scotland ( U.K.).

In addition to him mother language of Somali; Dr. Duale speaks several languages including English, Arabic, Italian, French, and Kiswahili.

Dr. Duale is described by colleges and friends as person who was not tarnished by the bloody civil war of Somalia. He is well known for his impartiality of the Somali conflict, outstanding fair views, calm and objective analysis of subject mater, open mindedness, lack of selfishness, sense of nationalism where required, and mature skills of compromising issues. Dr. Duale is appointed to an environment that he is knowledgeable to be very much comfortable with. Certainly, he will best represent the Somali nation at the World’s forum, the United Nations.


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