Commemoration of a Somali Peace Activist Abdulkadir Yahya Ali

by Ali Yahye
Monday, July 09, 2007


Abdulkadir Yahye Ali

Heavily armed gunmen assassinated this outspoken Somali Peace Activist on Monday, July 11, 2005 at 2:00 AM

Meanwhile, we have been in a bloody Somali civil war and regional conflict for nearly 20 years.
We are responsible for all the victims of this madness. We have ourselves come to a point where we are no longer in control of our own country. We allow excessive political and military interference from foreign countries. Our own sovereignty over our land is now being discussed.


We, the Somali citizens are directly or indirectly responsible for the current situation.


The majority of our people, more than 90 percent, would eagerly live in peace and bring an immediate end to this conflict. Unfortunately, will alone is not enough. It is the courage and participation of all citizens, in the positive sense, which is necessary. We know that today´s heroes contributing to peaceful solutions, human security and social development do not get the positive attention locally, nationally and internationally that they deserve.


Every Somalian asks himself daily: How can we be peaceful in our land? What will the armed groups and so-called political leaders achieve with this war? How is it possible that we have not yet succeeded in finding a solution for the madness of lawlessness and bloodshed? Why can’t we finally make an end to this senseless civil war and build up a healthy nation? Where is the help from the world community?



If a peaceful and harmonious society is to be rebuilt, courage is needed. Courage from our traditional leaders (elders), spiritual leaders, intellectuals, artists, mothers and women, students and the ordinary citizens just like you and me.


Many people ask themselves what the armed groups and leaders of foreign countries are doing but this is currently even irrelevant. If anything has become clear in the past years, it is that the only goal of these groups and of these so-called leaders is to acquire and hold on to their power, no matter what the cost. They are prepared to mercilessly cling to their power and position without concern for others. It is shortsighted and pointless to expect these men to provide a solution for our people.


It is too easy and too dangerous to keep saying that the main responsibility for the hopelessness and continuing bloodshed rests with these groups and leaders alone, and that they will surely provide a solution. As we ordinary citizens wait idly and look on, we ourselves then also remain as part of the problem.rather than the solution


A call to the “Elders”

The madness in which we are involved has been maintained partly in that your attitude has remained hypocritical and you have left us civilians alone. It is in our tradition and history to give you the most honorable position in the society. Where have you been all these years? Why haven’t you taken on your responsibility, even if it was dangerous and meant it might cost you your life? Why did you look on and remain silent while your people were humiliated and massacred, or while they were doing these things to others? Why are you not taking victims into your own house irrespective of their background, gender and clan? Why are you not seeking to establish friendly relations with the elders of other (beelood) tribes? How is it that you allow an armed leader from your own tribe to force you to remain silent? We civilians give you high honor and support, and expect you to claim your position in our society. Go out and embrace the challenge of the time and reach out to the elders of other tribes (beelood). Go and sit with others under the tree until a solution is found, even if that takes years.


A call to the Spiritual leaders

In times of war you are more desperately needed. You are always preaching about spiritual hope and salvation. Now is the time to inspire your people to not use violence, just NOT use violence and get armed with words rather than arms. Instruct us and give us knowledge about peace, non violent solutions and tolerance in the whole society. Refuse to accept anarchy and inhumane judgments.


A call to the Intellectuals

Somalian intellectuals, all over the world, you have constantly criticized your own people as being "stupid”, building up your own egos. If you know the solution for this problem, why don’t you make it evident to the ordinary man? Are you afraid or, do you have a hidden agenda that we cannot see? Your criticism against the nation or the current situation is only justified when you show your involvement and when you come with an alternative solution to the problem. Your knowledge and skills shall only become valuable when you are in a position to rise above the conflict and regional interests.


A call to the Artists

Artists, men, women and youth, you know we are a people of oral tradition. Stories, poetry, plays and music give us hope. They are food for our souls and are our pride heritage. You know that words can reach farther than weapons. We know that you are trying here and there to use your talents to free your people from this darkness. But much more of this wisdom is needed. Unity among artists is required. Join your spirits together and seek the right words to cause people to lay down their weapons. We’re counting on you; we are expecting a consistent and unified message from you looking at living together without this excessive suppression.


A call to Mother and Women

Mothers and women, your children, brothers, and husbands have lost the way to peace and unity. The common sense of the nation is your possession. Send your spouse to peace negotiations. Take your son’s weapons away. Go yourselves, all of you, into the streets and seek contact with other mothers and women. Use your courage, power and influence to support positive change in the society. 


“ You Mama, without you there would certainly be no peace or light in the world”                                                        

                                                                                                                        Hooyo, Hadraawi

A call to Ordinary People and Students

Students and citizens, there is a peaceful uprising possible. Mobilize your courage, power and organize a popular movement, if that is necessary. Make yourselves visible and heard. The peace or the conflict of every nation rests upon the ordinary citizen.


My beloved people, there is just one solution for turning this situation around, and that is to show your involvement in positive peaceful solutions together. Everybody with positive solutions needs to be recognized. Recognize that we are one people. Somalia belongs to all of us. The choice is to keep fighting or to live together peacefully.


Two of the most dangerous diseases for a nation are indifference and people believing that they are unable to solve their own problems. It makes no sense to wait for the world community to come to our aid. The world community has no interest in Somalia it is time to realize that.


Tomorrow I don’t just want to talk about the misdeeds of the current leaders and groups. Tomorrow I want to talk with you about what we ourselves have contributed to.


Change requires courageous people.


This is in commemoration of a courageous man Abdulkadir Yahya Ali.

 Ali Yahye

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Rotterdam, Holland

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