Galmudug President to Galkayo University Students: Teach the public about the dangr of illegal fire arms

Hiiraan Online Staff
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Galmudug State President, Mohamed Ahmed Alin, has called on university of Galkayo students to share their time between studying and informing the public, especially young freelance gunmen, about the danger of the use of illegal firearms to rob civilians in the crime  prone Southern Galkayo District of Gomudug State of Somalia. Mr Alin was speaking at a ceremony at the University of Galkayo in which he presented 25 computer machines to the management of the of the university.

'' You are required to warn your fellow young men who rob people at gunpoint against the danger of leading such a criminal life and advise them to stop mounting illegal check points on the roads where they hurt their fellow Somali country men and women'', Mr. Alin told the students who gathered at the university of Galkayo hall.

The president also thanked the students and management of the University of Galkayo for their emergency  humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the severe drought in the areas under his administration.

The ceremony was attended by Galmudug State ministers, scholars, prominent members of the public chief among them General Abdirahman Warsame Ilmi ( Caare) and   ordinary people in Southern Galkayo. The Vice Chancellor of the University,Prof. Abdikadir Mohamed Shirwa , gave a long speech detailing university education programs for the needs of the local people.

'' The University of Galkayo consists of several faculties including the faculty of medicine, the faculty of education, the faculty of Information Technology,the college of quality of education Control and the college of linguistics. There are over 166 students at the university, currently studying at the different faculties in the morning, noon and evening learning sessions'', said Prof.Shirwa.

The Dean of the University of Galkayo has, on his part, said that the university is affiliated with local and international universities and colleges,for example the GENCO university in neighbouring  Kenya.

Elmi Kulan Geedi
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