Somali President Appoints Special Envoy to the United States

Republic of Somalia
The Presidency
Office of the Chief of Staff
Directorate of Communications

Mr. Abukar Abdou Arman

Saturday, February 06, 2010
Media Release


Mogadishu, Somalia – February 6, 2010 The President of the Republic of Somalia H.E. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appointed Mr. Abukar Abdou Arman as his Special Envoy to the United States of America, effective immediately.


Mr. Arman’s appointment signals the importance of rebuilding and maintaining a relationship based on mutual interest with the United States of America. The appointment of Mr. Arman as a Special Presidential Envoy will further strengthen the already good relationship between the two friendly countries.


Mr. Arman, 49, is a political activist and a prolific writer whose articles have been widely published on international media outlets. Mr. Arman has lived in the US for the past 30 years. A well-known community activist, Mr. Arman sat on many boards and served on many committees. Over the years, Mr. Arman has played a vital role in cultivating relationships and building bridges of understanding among America’s diverse communities; especially, between Muslims and people of other faiths.  


Mr. Arman will have the full support of the President Sharif and the entire Transitional Federal Institutions.



Abdirashid Hashi

Director of Communication

Office of the Somali President

Villa Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia

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