Somalia’s Interim President Appoints New Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) -The interim President of Somalia Abdullahi Yusuf has today appointed a new chief for the country’s armed forces. In a press conference held at the presidential palace in Mogadishu, Somalia, the spokesman for president Hussein Mohamed Mohamud (Xuub-sireed) said that the president has appointed Gen. Said Mohamed Hersi (Saciid Dheere) the country’s new commander of the armed forces.

The president’s spokesman did not elaborate on the reasons for removing the current chief of the armed forces Gen. Salah Hassan Jama (Salah Liif). It is the fourth time the military’s top post receives a new commander.

Two other commanders that preceded the outgoing chief are Gen. Ismail Qassim Naji and Gen. Abdullahi Ali Omar (Ina Libaax San-ka-taabte).

The TFG has only 14 months left in office and has been mostly stationed in the city of Baidao until the end of 2006 when, with the help of Ethiopian troops it has moved limited operations to Mogadishu. It still faces daily armed resistance from Islamic insurgents opposed to the presence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

The TFG and the Opposition agreed late Monday night to end hostilities within 30 days for an initial 90-day period.

The deal, however, does not embrace all of the warring parties and without the backing of the Islamic insurgent group Al-Shabaab, the almost-daily bombings and battles that have taken a heavy civilian toll and forced hundreds of thousands to flee Mogadishu look unlikely to end.

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